Interview: Sucker Punch on inFamous 2

The Sixthaxis: The unseasonably warm weather in London has many benefits but really doesn’t help when you’re rushing through Soho, laptop strapped to your side, trying very hard not to be late to play inFamous 2 and have a chat with producer Brian Fleming. If only I had a handy rucksack and the ability to clamber over buildings rather than plough elbow-to-face through the post-wedding tourists.

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DWOM2781d ago

I think we all already know this game will be amazing!!

Game0N2781d ago

you know it my brother!

ComboBreaker2781d ago

"When the cut scene ends there is a smooth, seamless transition in to game play. ‘Smooth’ is a good description of game as Sucker Punch have taken a lot of time to refine the smallest of details including the cut scenes, user interface and loading times. “We wanted to make the time between you placing the disc in the drive and actually playing the game as small as possible,” explains Brian."