Don’t Blame Sony, You Can’t Trust ANY Networks

Kotaku: The hack attack that forced Sony to take the Playstation Network and Sony Online Entertainment offline and resulted in the theft of personal information from tens of millions of people around the world wasn't really Sony's fault, it was an inevitability, a security expert tells Kotaku.

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lociefer2781d ago

yo dawg so i heared you cant trust any networks ...

Menech2781d ago

You do know Sony didn't encrypt are personal information except for are credit card information.

And modern network that's not bat shit stupid does?

Substance1012781d ago

Why trust any network for your gaming needs. I prefer openplatform. PC FTW, no need to limit yourself to some companies retarded decisions regarding their security.

wicko2781d ago

@Manech: Actually they use hash functions, which is a form of encryption, it wasn't stored in plaintext:

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taylork372781d ago

So now Kotaku is credible all of a sudden?

Shadowstar2781d ago

Well, they were hacked by Anonymous too, so they oughtta know. ;)

DaTruth2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

No, "SECURITY EXPERT" is credible! When Kotaku consults a "security expert" for its article, then that article becomes credible!

Kotaku's opinion blogs still lack credibility!

Edit: I'm mostly just pissed because there's no reason Sony needs that data; they are not shipping me nothing and I don't care about their E-mails, yet they make the info a requirement. You don't know how much time I spent clipping that data out of all my mail and cutting it into tiny pieces, just so Sony could let it out.(I know they didn't give it away, but in any case...)

taylork372781d ago


So they are dishonest in the past according to you guys, but now all they have to say is " we consulted a security expert" and now everything is credible.


I wonder how many "experts" places like Fox News has.

wicko2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

No but this guy is:

It helps when you actually look the guy up.

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user83971442781d ago

In this world you cant trust anyone but yourself.

UNCyrus2781d ago

I would /agree with you, but according to your logic, I can't trust you.

HINDERIZATION2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

or you :P

kramun2781d ago

Has this ever happened to any other gaming network apart from Sony?

Nitrowolf22781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

happened to steam in 07
on live they had hackers back in 07 stealing other peoples account linked to window live and having purchases and such made through their accounts.

i don't think any of them were as big as Sony's though


So your denying that these have ever happened?
As BrainG said a security breach is a breach and data was compromised.

it happens to any network

Fishy Fingers2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Not quite the same, no Steam users details were compromised only "Cyber Café owner[s]", which is hardly a number comparible to the Sony breach.

Edit: "a security breach is a breach" Technically, but I wouldnt expect a small cyber cafe program to have the same level of security as something like the PSN. Tens of millions compared to a hand full, wouldnt consider them the same.

BrianG2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

I think "any" network includes all networks, gaming or not.

Also remember the attack was larger in scope towards Sony due to the enraged hacker group because of the lawsuit and other things floating around the web.

And as Nitro and Fishy pointed out "Cyber Cafe owner" data was compromised. Yes it might not be on the same scale, but information breach is information breach, regardless of size. I doubt those Cyber Cafe owners are were saying, "Oh well, its only us few, no big deal"

kramun2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

I think it's important to remember how much data is compromised in data breachs, which makes Sony kinda special don't you think?

Yes it's happened before, but it wasn't as bad as what happened to Sony.

What does that tell us? Was this attack worse than what happened to the other networks, or were Sony not as well prepared as the other networks?

BrianG2781d ago

I certainly agree that the amount of information compromised makes a difference.

And I also do not think Sony was not "prepared". I believe it was a well thought out attack. All security networks have their weak points.

In order to find one, stealthily, and then design a way to get into the network in a quick manner to access very specific data in specific locations in a short amount of time denotes a well thought out attack to me.

If google was hacked, would we call them incompetent? What about Microsoft? Apple? IBM? I personally would not, because I understand there are two parties in an attack. The victim (Company) and the perpetrator (Hacker or Hacker Group).

SkyGamer2781d ago

Not trying to start bs but that is why apple and Live are secure. True you have more creative freedom in an open source but there are risks with it as well. A closed system is MUCH more secure. For the most of us that aren't computer gurus, we want the easy to use, safe approach.

cogniveritas2781d ago

The pros and cons of open source to closed networks would be a better example if PSN was open source. But the PSN is definitely NOT open source.

SkyGamer2781d ago

My bad. Don't know too much about psn network but I thought that developers had more creativity when it came to psn. oops...

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