Fortress Craft: Video Review

Sm1tty Sm1t reviews the best-selling Xbox Live Indie Game of all-time! Fortress Craft Chapter 1 puts a unique spin on the “crafting genre”. If the player goes into the game knowing what to expect, they will not be disappointed. But the game is only as fun as the player’s imagination.

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wwm0nkey2778d ago

"Fortress Craft Chapter 1 puts a unique spin on the “crafting genre” "

lol, just no. Game is a 3/5 at most. It has so many bugs and errors and as it stands RIGHT NOW it is a Minecraft/infaminer clone. Again this is a RIGHT NOW kind of deal as he has promised to add stuff in future chapter, but I wait to see if he will live up to that.

Sm1ttySm1t2778d ago

I cant disagree ... but I base my reviews upon expectations I have. It's 100% subjective, sure, but most reviews are.

The game has issues that can't be ignored, but the overall "fun factor" coupled with my own expectations easily earn the "best selling XBLIG of all time" title. As he adds content, however, I will become a bit more refined in my reviews.

wwm0nkey2778d ago

I am waiting for Chapter 4 to see what all is done by then.

They also need to get rid of keemstar.

Im looking forward to Avtar Legends to hit XBLIG so all of you guys can try that out, been testing it for a year and that has better than XBLA quality all over it :D

SixZeroFour2778d ago

@wwm0nkey - i saw the trailer for that awhile back...looked real good, and just checked up on the latest vid right now, and looks like your featured in it lol

i like most of the indie and arcade games that feature the avatar...i dont know what it is, but i just love playing as our own person avatars

Lamarthedancer2778d ago

I hope Notch releases Minecraft on consoles soon, it would make this game completely pointless.

DJ Keemstar's face would be priceless :)

dragonelite2777d ago

dont know probably depends who is making progress faster. I dont care if notch has created the franchise but if this guy can pump out better version faster then notch can i will support this guy and vice versa.

SixZeroFour2777d ago

how would it be priceless when hes already gotten his percentage of the 125k copies sold?

agentxk2777d ago

Wow, when we reviewed it we said it was less than average. Did they make improvements?

Sm1ttySm1t2777d ago

Honestly, I dont think they did. However, my expectations were low and I knew what to expect. It exceeded my personal expectations, which is why I awarded it a 5/5.

Plus "Best selling XBLIG ever" is impressive.

agentxk2777d ago

I'll agree, it is. The game has all the pieces to be really good. I just wish it was more than just building. Also after I build some really great stuff, my map died.. That hurt.

SixZeroFour2777d ago

chapter 1 IS being supported with 8 more blocks and bugs being updated when patch passes peer review, but if one person fails it for whatever reason, then no one gets the patch that could fix some bugs even if its not all of them, which is why peer review rules should be kinda fixed

chapter 2 crafting seems like itll be a good one...they are in the works of modeling, animating and coding for carts, tracks, and even piping

HK62777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

I would like to personally inform everybody commenting here that the patch was ready (and as far as we could see, 100% bug free) last week but it failed peer review (potentially sabotage by a competing developer) so it got delayed and since then the changes made have led to the discovery of additional problems. The patch (including many new blocks and performance enhancements) can be expected hopefully in the next few days.