Sony: Victim or Villain?

Metro: If last week's midweek feature, about the announcement of Nintendo's new console, seemed a little too obvious then this week there can be even less question about the most pressing talking point in gaming. Sony must be counting their lucky stars that Osama bin Laden has met his end this week, since only that has been able to drown out the fallout from one of the biggest online security scandals in history.

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Octo12778d ago

Thats a matter of opinion. To the rational level headed person, they are the victim as well as their customers.
Sony haters will forever profess that Sony is the villain no matter what anyone says.

NukaCola2777d ago

If a girl dresses up so she looks pretty when she goes out, then gets raped- Villian or Victim? If your have a $2000 car alarm but the burglar smashes in the window to steal your stereo-Villian or Victim? What if you eat healthy, don't drink or smoke but get cancer at 30yo-Villian or Victim?

Congrats to the media, for being able to spin stories, fabricate negative assumptions and beat a dead horse all within the blog they cooked up in 5 mins. Or 'News'....I mean opinionated flamebait seems to pass as factual news these days.

ComboBreaker2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

The only victims in this case are hackers and pirates.

badz1492777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

is anybody seriously asking this question? losing money and potential buyers due to this shit and on top of that promising to give PS+ free for a month to everybody as compensation over a free service and now everyday having their reputation stained by the uncontrollable, assuming media while hackers looming that a characteristic of a villain in this case?

and aren't the media being too 1 sided regarding this matter and lose sight over who the real villains are? where are the article about "how hacking is bad to the industry" or "how hackers ruin the experience for everybody" or "hackers should be sued over this fiasco" things?? why it's always Sony this and Sony that?

the only conclusion I can get from these articles are: the media is full of FOOLS and they are losing it!

Ricco-Warrior2778d ago

they are evil for having me stay on the dark side with so many kick ass games coming.

taylork372778d ago

"Sony lovers will forever profess that Sony is the victim no matter what anyone says."


initial_kay2778d ago

truth be told ... my friend.

sikbeta2778d ago

This thing went to a whole new level, this is not only about Sony being the victim or villain, the hackers/thieves messed up with consumers as-well, you can't side with the people who did this...

b163o12778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

This is getting old. PSN will be more secure then ever, same goes for Live they're improving there security as well. Its a win win situation for all gamers

upturned22778d ago

you're right. and so is the first comment made.

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Starhawk2778d ago

A bank get robbed, is it the victim or the villain ?

Wizeguy212778d ago

bank haters will still say villain

Tired2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Sony is definately the victim no doubt in my mind...

However someone will have to be held accountable...especially if someone dismissed the flaws in security.

These would you blame statements are getting tired and old.

A man who drives a car through a crowd of children will be villified, done for dangerous driving and manslaughter. Even if the reason this happened was that he was being attacked by a bee.

I'm well aware how ridulous that statement less ridiculous however than if a man got robbed arguement.

death2smoochie2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Only if that Bank lacked a certain amount of security, then they will be libel to some extent.
But they are also victims as the customers affected by this ordeal

Chitown712912778d ago

Sony donated 300 million yen to helping Japan after a Tsunami was hit, and then got hit with a virus that f*cked up their network....................... ............................... .yea im calling villain on this one. / Sarcasm

frelyler2777d ago

Didn't M$ try and profit from that, then publicly apologized. Makes me wonder why hackers don't go after them. Also, the whole laptop for every child thing where M$ ran a smear campaign because it was Linux based. Where are you priorities hackers? (I'm not saying go after live, I'm saying go after M$, they are EVIL.

Chitown712912777d ago

They are doing the best they can right now with everything at state, and are getting like no love for it. I love Sony, I know they are gonna make it through this.

death2smoochie2777d ago


So Sony as a corporation is not evil also?
Knowingly installing Root kits is innocent?

Or when Sony refused to acknowledge DRM and would not compensate owners of faulty PS2's resulting in a major class action lawsuit that Sony settled?

Dude...ALL corporations are evil to an extent because they are all after your money.

And as for donations for good causes?

MS gives more than Sony and most companies
This is just in 2006 alone.

Bill Gates gives BILLION of his own money.
In layman's terms...No company is innocent

Biggest2777d ago

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation does not equal Microsoft.

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XRider2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

If that bank is too cheap and stores your money in a vault made from bubble gum and cardboard then that's villain.

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belal2778d ago

One company that gives me exclusive games altmost each month is a villain right? lol what a joke, NO other company gives you so many games each month.

Kingdom Come2777d ago

Is that including games like the mediocre Socom 4?

belal2777d ago

Atleast they give you games, unlike microsoft lol, god luck, waiting 8 months before a new exclusive comes. You know i am right, but you can't accept that because you hate sony and ps3 xD

nycredude2777d ago

Speak for yourself bro about socom 4. I'm actually liking it alot. Sp is oldschool socom and coop is great. haven't play mp yet cause psn went.

Before you answer did you play it yet or did you just read reviews from these same sites writing these articles?

StanRaimondi2778d ago

If i break your window at your house and steal your stuff am i the villain or the company that manufactured the window i broke.

antz11042778d ago

True, but its not your stuff. Its your friends that you're holding onto.

Tired2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Depends if they were sold as security windows.
Also depends how easily you broke the window.
If it used little force then you could sue the company.
If you went at it with a jackhammer and a wrecking ball....not so much!

Tired2778d ago

ok how about...

If i bought a bullet proof vest that let all the bullets through...thats not the manufacturers fault is it?

These comparisons don't make sense...stop using them.

Liken it to something similar.

NBT912778d ago

If you break into my house and steal 70+million account holders private information, then I am responsible for being in possesion of it and not keeping it secure.

Hence - both victim and villain is Sony.

nycredude2777d ago

The key world is "break". You didn't let him in but he forced his way in. You people don't seem to understand the difference. ANY network can be hacked if the hacker planned it and is good at it. My guess is this is an inside job or they had inside information.

GodHandDee2778d ago

Victim, could have done better to defend themselves and property but victim nontheless

pocketaces112778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

You tell that to a rape victim... We all are victims from time to time and all could think of things we could have should have done after the fact. She could have kicked him she could have taken self defence courses. Sony could have put in more fail safes they could have increased security... whatever they were victimized plain and simple. Did these people have a right to do what they did no did they have a reason maybe but there are other ways to voice that.

I appreciate you were not saying they are not the victim I was most saying anyone in any situation could have done better to defend them self including a rape victim or a person who got their house broken into or any type of vistim.

I went to an extreme but it does make sense the rape victim blames her self she replays it and things of what she should have done differently but what's the point. We move on fix the mistakes and that's it

GodHandDee2778d ago

Again don't get me wrong I'm not saying they are not the victim, by all means they ARE victims of this just as much as the consumers are.

The rape example just doesn't make sense in this situations context. But you are right, at the end of the day shit happens

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