New Sonic game to be announced for Project Cafe at E3?

Could a new Sonic game for Project Cafe be announced next month?

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2fk2450d ago

new sonic games will never be as good as the classic ones

macky3012450d ago

Google(torrent) Sonic Fan Remix demo ,..
That is how Sonic should look and play like at this point in time,..

Apparently the last sonic for the wii wasn't complete shit,..I might try that one,..

Venox20082450d ago

if you are talking about Sonic colors, it's the best 3D sonic to date...

bigjclassic2450d ago

A Sonic game on a Nintendo platform? Naw this isn't happening.

TheDeadMetalhead2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

Hey guys, did you hear? Some new game system is coming out next year called the Playstation. I doubt it'll catch on, though; It'll probably just end up like that crappy Jaguar thing that came out last year...

TheDeadMetalhead2450d ago

(No one will realize that was a joke)

NukaCola2450d ago

It may be Sonic Generations Cafe version. That game is actaully looking very good. I mean we keep saying they may finally make a good Sonic again, but they always disappoint.

Venox20082450d ago

Sonic colors says hello! :) btw.. I didn't like Sonic 4 very much, it was OK game only..

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