E3 2011 Preview: Sony Takes Another Shot at Handheld Gaming With the NGP

With the NGP making the rounds at previous conferences, Sony looks to unveil and finalize all of the details of its latest handheld console. With strong graphics and dual analog sticks, Sony claims this console will be the PS3 experience on the go. Is that all that Sony has to offer at this year's E3, or should we expect a few more things from them at their presentation?

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ksense2753d ago

contrary to what the article says i think sony will have the most exclusives to show at e3. they did say they were going to start the marketing slogan starting this year "Only On Playstation"

santa monica project
quantic dream project

GodHandDee2753d ago

no way in hell will they show the least number of new software even excluding the move titles. Heck they are bringing out NGP soon so we will see a LOT of games announced just for that.

VampiricDragon_2753d ago

why "another shot"?

they knocked it out of the pack with there first attempt

"PS3 experience on the go"

do I really want that?

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frelyler2753d ago

I think Sony will have the most software to show, Nintendo being a close second. Sony has been building on it's exclusive game library because that is the one area it is kicking the other companies asses in. Stay with a strategy that is working. Besides with this whole PSN debacle exclusive titles are the only thing that will keep people coming back and from straying. M$ may announce a new console, but it will still be a ways off. Not to mention the RROD will be brought up again, it's inevitable. I think this will keep as many people from hopping on the band wagon early on like the beginning of this gen. I know I bit early and was screwed for it, you can bet your ass I have not forgotten about that. Times are tough and M$ has shown not to be too kind to people's wallets.

NESpower2753d ago

Nintendo has four platforms to announce software for now with many of the third party announcements exclusive to their handhelds and home consoles. Hard to top that number of titles honestly.

frelyler2753d ago

True, I forgot about all the systems. However, we all know the Wii has mostly shovel ware. The only game I can think of is the new Zelda on that front. I was thinking of quality over quantity though, Nintendo's past proves this. I really hope they do turn it around.

GodHandDee2753d ago

But number of platforms doesn't guarantee equal number of software announcements across the board tho. Tbh I don't think we will see much on the SW front for project Cafe if it's actually releasing late 2012. Then that will be next E3.

Don't expect to see many game announcements for DS or Wii either. It will mainly be 3DS and HW announcement I think. Either way both sony, Ninty and even MS E3's should be great!

DA_SHREDDER2753d ago

No phone equals no buy for me. When am i not gonna feel like im not living in the stone age anymore? People with their smart phones, all im asking for is full psn access on mines. Its like Sony is sabotaging themselves. Give me psp3 when its a phone.