Call of Duty: Black Ops now available on Xbox LIVE

El33tonline writes:

"Do you still not own the fastest-selling and biggest blockbuster videogame release of all time? Can’t be bothered to make your way down to a physical retailer and pick the game up for yourself?

Well here’s some good news then: Activision and Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops is now available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace as a direct download Game on Demand!"

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MEGANE2695d ago

hahaha and MS pay to release DLC on xbox first but the PSN is down anyway!!....what a waste of money MS!!

guigsy2695d ago

So you didn't read the article then.

Clearly they're talking about the full game, not the recently released DLC.

awiseman2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

If your going to troll, at least try and let your pointless rants pertain to the info at hand...

I love how ps3fantrolls have all the bubbles yet contributors like myself have only 1 it shows the audience on this site...

flankhim2695d ago

Why does it have to be $60? No disk, no shipping, no retail store. Should be $40-50.

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BX812695d ago

Good call. XBL is up and MS are looking like the jackasses /s.

Fox012695d ago

70€ what the f***!
Damn, Halo is 70€ as well. What's the point?

BX812695d ago

The problem is, since it's digital they don't have to move the physical product. It doesn't take up as much room as 50 copies of the game on a store shelf so they can mark it up if they want. I wish they matched the in store prices.

MSpence5162695d ago

Don't forget, you are also paying for the added convenience of only having to move your fingers to have the game instantly.

Luckily I live a couple hundred feet from a GameStop and can get a game in 10 minutes and not have to pay for this overpriced crap.


BX812695d ago

True. I live on a military base and I have a gamestop on post not even 3min away.