Nintendo's New Console: A Stroke Of Marketing Genius?

TVG: It was always going to be announced this year. As a company, Nintendo runs like clockwork through product cycles that have been refined to a fine point since the NES was released in 1985.

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NESpower2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

As the article states: NES: 1985, SNES: 1991, N64: 1996, Gamecube: 2001, Wii: 2006, and Project Café: 2012

Nintendo doesn't have to wait for any competitor and will benefit from the early adopters of current generation consoles and are ready for the upcoming generation. This should establish a nice year lead. It's also their best way to re-establish relationships with some major 3rd party developers.

TheMART2785d ago

Nintendo should buy Rare back from MS including its IP's.

I'd love to see Conker, a well done Banjo, Killer Instinct on Wii HD. It would be a bit more than just another Mario, Zelda or Metroid...

ChickeyCantor2785d ago

THAT Rare you speak of no longer exists.
The spirit died a long time ago.

I'm not saying the Rare of now can't do it, but the awesomeness we had from Rare is in the past.

Kahvipannu2784d ago

I do miss RARE's titles.. :(

coryok2784d ago

meh, i'd rather not have new hardware for as long as possible, its really just something else that i have to buy.

Honky Kong2784d ago

finally i can get rid of my xox

Droid Control2784d ago

Nintendo have played a blinder!

Like the article says, Wii 2 will have AT LEAST athe first year of the 8th generation all to themselves.

Nintendo leads, other copy/follow