For the Love of Hot Elven Chicks: Felicia Day’s Dragon Age Redemption

Matt Randisi writes, "Normally when a web series, a television show, and especially a movie, is based off of a videogame, it is ultimately destined to fail miserably against the standards of the original product. There are very few exceptions to this rule, such as the Street Fighter Alpha animated film and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Even the new Mortal Kombat: Legacy is receiving a surprising amount of buzz. Ultimately though, we as gamers have learned to keep out expectations quite low when hearing about a new project. But what happens when a highly regarded she-geek who has already proven her credibility in such gems as The Guild and Buffy writes and stars in her own creative twist on the world of Dragon Age? Well, we won’t actually know until later this year; but we can hope that the passion of a core gamer at heart will shed enough clarity on what needs to be done in order to make Dragon Age Redemption a successful and enjoyable web series. Also let’s face it, elven chicks a...

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Cade2778d ago

I'm a fan of The Guild. As a DA fan I will be checking this out, and yes Felicia Day makes one sexy assassin.

Scissorman822778d ago

I can't click that 'Agree' button enough. =P