Rumor: Far Cry 3 not coming to PC? Far Cry 3 may be announced soon, but CV hints at possible console exclusivity.

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Eyeco2752d ago

Crytek are a primary PC developer , thats like nintendo making a game on the 360/ps3 but not on the wii, it makes no sense

Ducky2752d ago

Is crytek making the 3rd one?

I thought the rights were sold to Ubisoft seeing as how FarCry2 was made by a completely different dev team.

Blacktric2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Crytek isn't owner of the IP anymore. Read some info about the game you're gonna comment about for God's sake. Anyway, if they just iron the small scale bugs, add more varied weapons, make the multiplayer experience better with varied maps and balanced classes and also release it for PC with a map creation tool, it'll be day 1 for me.

ATiElite2752d ago

Crytek is NOT the Developer of Far Cry 3 nor did Crytek develop Far Cry 2.

Crytek did the Classic title that is Far Cry and the other two were done by under achieving Ubisoft Montreal.

I wish Crytek would get the series back and do a proper FC sequel.

BattleAxe2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Far Cry 2 ran pretty good on PC, but Ubisoft isn't exactly the best PC developer as we've seen with all the issues that all the Rainbow Six games have had on PC and also GRAW 1 + 2. I think they've had so many issues with their PC games, and they're tired of the complaints. So I wouldn't be surprised if they made Far Cry 3 console exclusive. Its one of the reasons why its handy to own a console in addition to PC especially when something like this happens.

evrfighter2752d ago

question to other pc gamers. do you really care if far cry 3 goes pc or not?.we've all seen the extent of montreal ubisofts talent.

far cry 2 was a great benchmark and nice to look at it. but will farcry3 on pc really be missed? its extremely late into current gen in a market dominated by better shooters.

imo author is trying to get a rise outta pc gamers.

BeastlyRig2752d ago

Crytek doesn't make farcry 2 or 3!! only farcry 1! Then they left ubi & started Crytek!!

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y0haN2752d ago

Crytek don't make Far Cry games any more, it's Ubisoft in-house.

ATiElite2752d ago

Hip Hip Hooray!

Far Cry 3 is a GFWL title so it might as well not come to the PC cause so many PC Gamers hate GFWL. If I do get FC3, I will the get the FC3 NO GFWL Cracked Edition. (You can buy games and crack them to avoid stupid DRM so don't go all crazy with the Pirate replies)

side note..I wish Crytek would buy this series back cause Far Cry was a classic game that deserves a proper sequel instead of more "Grand Theft First Person Shooter Africa".

Ducky2752d ago

I had to succumb to GFWL when ArkhamAsylum was released.
Turns out you can keep an offline profile which avoids all the headaches. Or well, it avoided the headaches for me.

The Tingler2752d ago

Far Cry 2 wasn't a GFWL game. Ubisoft have never used GFWL. Where did you get the idea that FC3 would be a Games For Windows Live game?

Second point though I agree.

BattleAxe2752d ago

I've never had any issues with GFWL. GTA4 for PC ran great and Resident Evil 5 ran great without issues. I love the Live connectivity and the fact that my Xbox 360 friends can see my achievements and send me messages and such. I could never understand the hate for GFWL. The menu system is pretty slick IMO and the Xbox button on my 360 controller works just as if I were playing on a 360.

BlackKnight2752d ago


The problem with GFWL is that it is not slick. It's menu/guide is slow and LOW resolution. Games download and THEN need to install. On steam, game download and they are done, they don't install. The ONLY thing that sometimes installs on steam is any program besides the game that is needed/optional (PB, SDK's, DX runtimes, etc) which also install on GFWL. Steam's overlay runs much better, scales with your resolution perfectly, has a browser, allows chat windows, not the lame messaging system of GFWL/XBL. GFWL and XBL are nice, but when you compare it to steam (or xfire when it comes to purely social connectivity), it is behind.

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rabidpancakeburglar2752d ago

*sniff* *sniff* is that bull crap I smell?

TheLeprachaun2752d ago

Nintendo Striim exclusive perhaps?

Active Reload2752d ago

Could you imagine GTAV being a timed exclusive for the new Nintendo system? People would go ape sh*t!

therapist2752d ago

yeah it won't /s

but diablo 3 really is not coming to console
or the witcher 1 and 2
or starcraft 2
or stalker
or empire total war
or........................... ..............

ATiElite2752d ago

Actually STALKER 2 is coming to the console but the Dev (GSC Game World) have already said the PC verison is the lead platform and the one to get cause they had to sacrifice to get stuff on the consoles.

The witcher 2 on console....MAYBE 6 months down the road only AFTER The PC release.

The other games you mentioned HELL NO!

bozebo2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Yeah. The witcher 2 could work very nicely on consoles, gameplay wise. It would also earn CDPR some well-earned revenue, as long as they don't sell-out after that it's fine.

Some PC games certainly leand themselves very well to a successful port to consoles.

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