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Submitted by Rob Rymond 3380d ago | review

Saints Row Review

Club Skill have the first online review of Saints Row on the Xbox 360. A 'muthaf*****' great. (Saints Row, Xbox 360) 9/10

Aramis001  +   3380d ago
I had my doubts about this game but it's looking to be a GTA killer! This and the Gamepro review have convinced me. And this is 100% exclusive to the xbox 360! Mabye getting GTA IV on day one won't matter so much anyway...
Marriot VP  +   3380d ago
HOLY CRAP, All scores above 9.0, most are 9.5. GTA killer, we'll see about it.

Atleast it's set the bar for GTA8
The Real Deal  +   3380d ago
wow...a 9.6
I knew this was the game. The demo is great and 2 days we can play the exclusive game. Sleeper hit of the
PS360PCROCKS  +   3380d ago
I was always going to buy this game, huge senseless games with cops are my game. Like test drive and need for speed only interest me cause the cops chase you and its fun to run...anyways if this one is so good wonder how good they can make the second one...
DC RID3R  +   3380d ago
Sleeper hit of the
def could be bro!!!!!!
most of the youths round my way are feinding for this game REAL BAD!!!!

saints row could definately turn out to be gta's daddy!!!!

Balance  +   3380d ago
a year
We have a year until the next GTA so this game will do the trick nicely for the next 12 months, can't wait to pick it up tomorrow. i was undecided about the game until i played the demo, the demo was so much fun i was playing it for 2hrs every night and i can't wait for the online modes.
Funky Town_TX  +   3380d ago
I'm still on the fence with this one.
Still don't know if I should get it. Hell what else is coming out for the 360 this month. Maddden 07 and Saints Row
OutLaw  +   3380d ago
well if you like
Well if you like RPG games Enchanted Arms is also coming out this week. But as for this game I'm also picking it up as well as Enchanted Arms. Both games are going to be great.
xboxlj  +   3380d ago
This game is a GTA Killer. I've had it since friday and love it. I bet they are working an a sequal as we speak.
Islandkiwi  +   3380d ago
Glad, but
I'm glad it got a good score, but how can an overall score be higher than the other scores (graphics, etc.)?
assjacket  +   3379d ago
The overall score is not an average, it's what the reviewer thinks of the game as a whole.
I just got the call from ebgames telling me that my copy will be in tomorrow, see you guys on the streets of Stilwater!!!
Shake  +   3380d ago
I want this game!!!!buy me it before i kick your nuts!!!!!!!!!
Microsoft Master  +   3380d ago
Now all you motherf*ckers need this game. Word on the street that this is the real deal, so start representin' and take over that territory. Ya hear me?
Boink  +   3379d ago
I had no interest in this one till I played the demo. after that it was a must:)
bung tickler  +   3379d ago
yeah the demo sold me
i was kinda worried cuz some one said thier was bad probs with buildings going missing and glitches up the a$$ but... just sony fanboys sad that they dont have anything to play, the demo was very good i talked my roommate into picking it up and i said id get gta when it came out.
360Borrowedtime   3379d ago | Spam
bumnut  +   3379d ago
shame about the slowdown
i liked the demo but the choppy frame rate puts me off buying this game, i will probably buy it used on ebay in a couple of months
360Borrowedtime  +   3379d ago
Wont be hard!
I bet you will find 100 copies of this on ebay in like a month or two selling for like $5, because it's the Xbox 1.0 is so bad lol hahahahahahhahahaha, welcome chang3!
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3378d ago

as in blur-ray, downgrading and n64 graphics?

I'd rather stay with my 360. I prefer next gen gaming. GOD DAMN SAINTS ROW IS AWESOME.

hahaha. Ps3. lol... giant crabs, gt HD! lol
bullet  +   3378d ago
Your comment proves you dont know jack sh!t..I just played Saints Row and it is f*ckin rad....Also Iam glad to see that you welcomed change and came out of the closet.Me I will never change I will always be strait. thats why I dont want the gaystation3..they arent changin my ass like they did you princess.
360Borrowedtime  +   3378d ago
Did i hit a nerve!
Don't be sad you picke dthe lamebox 0.8, i'm sure it has god games, i'm sure lol lol lol lol!
MadMax  +   3378d ago
This game is a must buy for 360 owners. I can honestly say after playing it for several hours now, I prefer it to GTA. For one, if you fail a mission you can replay it from where you left off. Also the map is much better than GTA, easier to read and more straightforward. If a store is closed, itll tell you on the map. Another major cool thing about the map is that you can set a waypoint to whatever mission, activity, store etc. you want. It makes life so much more easier when you can actually tell where you are going. I have always been a fan of Vice City and the GTA series, but Saints Row pretty much perfected and upgraded the game. It really is GTA on steroids, the graphics are frikin insane, unbelievable, especially when youre playin on an HD set, the car and character physics are better than GTA. You can create your own player and tweak him out down to every last detail, very cool. I made my character look as close as I could to me and the resemblance is quite frightening. This game is next gen all the way. Superb job all the way, just amazing!
clayton  +   3377d ago
I agree
Saints Row is the Shiznit, way better then GTA, sorry Rockstar your got gunned down!

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