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Sony: We knew about PSN security flaws

Sony chief information officer, Shinji Hasejima made an astounding and disturbing admission in the Tokyo press conference: the company was fully aware of the "vulnerabilities" in PlayStation Network.

Hasejima stated: "The vulnerability of the network was a known vulnerability, one known of in the world. But Sony was not aware of it... was not convinced of it. We are now trying to improve aspects of it." (Industry, PS3, Sony)

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Seraphemz  +   1550d ago
Title is a bit misleading....he said that the world knew of it, but that they didn't.
Joni-Ice  +   1550d ago
Websites are trying HARD to get hits.
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b_one  +   1550d ago
nowdays i see similarity between sites and cheap brothels.
artynerd  +   1550d ago
"The vulnerability of the network was a known vulnerability, one known of in the world. But Sony was not aware of it... was not convinced of it."

Typically Sony ego. Pride comes before the... what was it again?
DatNJDom81  +   1550d ago
Score another one for gaming journalism. Pathetic.
Dee_91  +   1550d ago
i didnt see anywhere where they mentioned they knew the flaws ..
sikbeta  +   1550d ago

They've been trying HARD since LONG AGO :P
Kleptic  +   1550d ago
its the translation that mixes it up...Japanese to English translations always do that; it completely loses context...
hay  +   1550d ago
The title is complete lie. It suggests that Sony said THEY did knew about vulnerability, which they didn't.
blackmagic  +   1550d ago
Sony would never admit it even if they were fully aware of the vulnerability. Think how easy it would be to sue them if they said they knew about the vulnerability that compromised over 100 million user accounts.
evrfighter  +   1550d ago
wait so he's saying everyone else knew about it before they did?

lol really?

WoW I'd just eat the negative press about being incompetent before I admitted to something like that.

lol Sony. You're all entertainment for me nowadays.
gamingdroid  +   1550d ago
Isn't it Sony's job to find out about vulnerabilities known to the world?

Considering they have un-patched systems? Systems without firewalls?

Furthermore, this part is disturbing:

"But Sony was not aware of it [vulnerability]... was not convinced of it."

Not convinced of a threat from a known vulnerability? However, that is most likely a bad translation....
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thats_just_prime  +   1550d ago
its funny tho if everyone in the world knew about this other then the people at $ony it means that $ony only hires the dumbest people in the world. Everyone else but $ony was able to figure this out ? what a joke. I think it be less embrassing for them to come out and tell the truth that they didnt give a shit
I_find_it_funny  +   1550d ago
strategy informer... I see what their strategy is
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Millah  +   1550d ago
I think it's funny how people will defend Sony no matter what, even when a Sony employee says something like this. Apparently you guys think it's okay for Sony to be clueless about an exploit that is "known of in the world."

That's completely disregarding the fact that Sony had been threatened for several weeks prior by Anonymous telling them to "expect us." Yet somehow this took Sony by complete surprise?

Eh but what does this guy know. It's not like he's a Sony executive or anything. The experts on N4G have all the inside details.
JonahFalcon  +   1550d ago
"The vulnerability of the network was a known vulnerability, one known of in the world. But Sony was not aware of it... was not convinced of it."

In other words, they heard about it, didn't want to believe it.
Biggest  +   1550d ago
The definition of "not aware" is not the same as "they heard about it." We already know the extent of the breach. It's not a big deal. It is more annoying that the PSN has been down for so long. I never got to activate my PC copy of Portal 2. Past that. . . No big deal.
Non_sequitur  +   1550d ago
What I understand, from that statement, is that others with a similar security model were aware of the type of problems that the model could face while Sony wasn't aware of it. Unfortunately, Sony let their guard down believing it was safe and doubting anything could be wrong with it.
The_KELRaTH  +   1550d ago
I probably wouldn't believe it either if it came from the likes of IGN etc etc lol
Christopher  +   1550d ago
It's a poor translation. What it means is that others knew of it, but not Sony. They're not saying that they heard of it and didn't act upon it, they're saying that it was brought to their attention after the fact, meaning others knew of it before-hand but Sony did not.
Death  +   1549d ago
Aware is the word people arent understanding. When he says Sony wasnt aware and further describes it as "not convinced" he means Sony knew their was an issue, but didn't feel it was relevant at the time. It would be like someone saying they seen your girlfriend with another guy. You would be aware of the possibility, but without seeing it for yourself you wouldn't be convinced.

Didn't we all read somewhere on N4G that the attack happened while they were gearing up SOE to more secure servers? My take on this is the attack happened due to the window of opportunity coming to an end soon.

fedexas  +   1550d ago
Oh c'mon, you know how the media operates now. Without a misleading title, they can't get hits, lol.

I just want PSN back up and more secured.
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fedexas   1550d ago | Off topic | show
Raiden  +   1550d ago
Prepare yourself to be charge a very large bill to be able to function online again, when the network is back up sorry, but they will charge you, 2.3billion year is too much to miss out on.
RedDead  +   1550d ago
Basically some hackers released info online that Psn was vulnerable. Very vulnerable especially when it came to encryption. Sony did not take heed or believe it was vulnerable, then some 'bad' hackers finally decided to get in and actually do some damage. Is this what happened?

I remember someone talking about the encryption just generally not being there. An article about it. Sony did nothing with that info. Was that info right or wrong?
PirateThom  +   1550d ago
Email, name, address, basic information - Unencrypted
Password - Hashed
Credit card details - Encrypted
king dong  +   1550d ago
pirate thom

although i dont normally agree with you ( imo your one of the worst sony defenders on here). but seeing as they hash the password just to log-in to the psn, i am quite confident that the CC details were suitably protected aswell
DaTruth  +   1550d ago
@King Dong
Then I'm not surprised you don't normally agree with him; imo you're one of the worst Sony haters around here!
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Legion  +   1550d ago
@king dong

Hashing is not security it is simply putting that black cover in front of the playboy so it isn't openly visible to passers bye.

I recall a couple years into my military career that we had a computer program that was password protected and nobody could recall the password. It was of course hashed and it took me about 15 minutes to figure a way to get into grab it and allow me access to open it and then eventually change it.

That showed me a few things... one was that I finally was able to use my computer programming hobby to show off. Another was that I realized that computer software is only as good as the person that creates it and then those that maintain it.

We already know that sony is lacking in encryption knowledge and to not update security programs and not having the supposed public knowledge that was spread amongst the internet very early, Sony security systems were not doing their job. Plain and simple.

As for CC tables being encrypted... if those tables are linked to outside data then you don't need the tables to get the info... the tables only organize the information. (if they are anything like the tables that I am familiar with) And if they are anyway encrypted the way the code was supposed to encrypt and protect the PS3 then it is just a matter of time for that to be worked around.
nevimkdojsem2  +   1550d ago
"Hashing is not security it is simply putting that black cover in front of the playboy so it isn't openly visible to passers bye."

@Legion: you apparently don't know anything about cryptographic hash functions. If e.g. the word "fox" becomes "DFCD 3454 BBEA 788A 751A
696C 24D9 7009 CA99 2D17" after passing through SHA-1 hash function, how would you get back to "fox" again if you only had the hash return value? If you solve this problem, I can guarantee you will be considered the most brilliant mathematician of our time.
BX81  +   1550d ago
LOL! Trying for hits? Sounds to me like they knew it was vulnerable but thought no one would take advantage of that. Maybe it's time to stop being a fanboy and become a consumer of a product.
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Hagaf22  +   1549d ago
I agree!!! I have An original ps3 (phat 1st gen) and a slim. I have supported and defended Sony and the ps3 since day one, but the more I hear about this whole thing the more pissed i get. Sony has been extreme cowards when it comes to informing consumers- taking a week to inform consumers of the loss of personal data- and now it comes out that they "were unaware" of a vulnerability to their programming that the world knew about? Cmon- Sony is not some small computer software company- they are an electronics giant. There is no excuse for the ebcrytion short cuts and passive attempt to inform consumers. I deserve to get daily updates as to what's going on. Everyone who owns a Sony product does. Instead we get the same "working around the clock" bs. I believe Sony knew of the risk and accepted it as a risk worth taking over spending money to make it better. Sony needs to get over their arrogance and keep consumers in mind.
tplarkin7  +   1550d ago
Sony defined "not aware" as "...was not convinced of it" That means they were aware of the flaw, but prayed that nobody would notice.

More Sony complacency.
dragonelite  +   1550d ago
Typically sony arrogance.
Just like how people would get a second job to buy a ps3 at launch. Or jack tretton would give every person 1k if they could find a ps3 on store shelves after launch day.

And then kevin butler it funny but i can expect people finding it annoying.
solar  +   1550d ago
then that makes Sony look even more stupid.
Seraphemz  +   1550d ago
I disagree. Does knowing about the failure rate make microsoft stupid, or just a company trying to work through an issue? Like Sony
HardCover  +   1550d ago
Sony didn't know. They found out that somebody else did know once they hired the online security firm.

Sony says that, in hindsight, they could have been more secure (potentially underestimating hackers).

They're not saying "Yeah, we knew about it. We didn't care. We give out your personal information ALL THE TIME already, this is no big deal."

That's what I'm getting out of this.
Raiden  +   1550d ago
Look forget what has been said so far, Sony should have informed there customer the moment they noticed the hack, On XBL if MS are doing any maintence, we are informed about it, either on the dashboard messager or email accounts, Sony never informed anyone until a week later. This is not right and this is why they have to questions that need answers. Xbox 360 may have had the RROD, but MS move fast enough to support it customer, 4 year extension warranty and free postage of replacement until, this is called customer service, this is a company looking out for it customers because they could not stop the production of the 360 while investigating the flaw. The PS3 has one of the largest fan base of gamers in the world and as a company they should have done the best for there customers. From my point of view they HAVE NOT, they let them down BIG TIME.
Masterchef2007  +   1550d ago
I am getting sick of all these hate articles written by morons who have nothing better to do than wank off with (insert other console here) and their buddies.

I was just kidding. Anyways i hope all this hate press ends because its annoying to see how desperate some people can be just to take Sony down. We all know that no matter the hate Sony always gets back up on its feet.
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Solidus187-SCMilk  +   1550d ago
Yeha they are trying for hits
of course it was know to the world, or else it would have never happened. Sony didnt know much about it tho. Its not like someone told them all about this hack and the ignored it. Kinda confusing when they say not "convinced" tho. Seems like they didnt understand how it could effect them.

This is nothing we already didnt know. Hackers knew about it, sony did not know much. Thats why it happened.

My CC ifo is safe, I just want them to bring PSN back up. My friends already beat dungeon hunter without me :(

edit- below Yeah, I started playing it with them while I was at their house, but they later played when I was at home. I wanted to play over PSN with them from my house. Dungeon hunter may be very generic(the mage looks %100 like gabriel from C:LOS), but its a good game and is alot of fun with friends.
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fedexas  +   1550d ago
And I want PSN back up for Blazblue CS2. :(

I feel your pain.
testerg35  +   1550d ago
I guess I don't understand...

"of course it was know to the world, or else it would have never happened. Sony didnt know much about it tho." - So if the world knew about an exploit its ok if Sony ignored it?

"Seems like they didnt understand how it could effect them." - Then they need to get rid of their entire IT department. That's their job to know.

"Hackers knew about it, sony did not know much. Thats why it happened." - Sony said the world knew about and and they didn't? Seriously.. wtf.

You're ok with a major corporation, that collects users information and CC information, not keeping up with what's happening around them? I would understand if it was a new exploit, but since it was a known exploit, then that's unforgivable.
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Solidus187-SCMilk  +   1550d ago
Im no sony fanboy, but im not going to pretend that the completly ignored the situation and knew all
I just think that if they had know how bad this exploit could be, they would have done something sooner. This title makes it seem like the knew everything about it and still ignored it. But if you read it it seems like sony had no Idea how bad it could get.

Dont worry bro, you dont need to convince me. Ive always liked live more then PSN and I removed my CC info weeks before the hack because I saw an article about PSN not being secure and believed it to be true.

However, I dont think Sony knew how bad it could be and purposefully ignored the situation like the title implies.

So the level of incompetence of sony is up to the individual users to decide for themselvs. As for me, I already didnt trust them with my CC info.
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GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME  +   1550d ago
i feel bad for people who have other systems and aren't here for playstation news, because that's all we've gotten for like the past month or so really.

anonymous, hackers...psn down...

interesting news and all but not for other people
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DeeZee  +   1550d ago
While most of the hottest stories have been PS3 related, anyone that's sick of Sony news can just filter it out and go to the other channels.
sleepy3  +   1550d ago
is there a way to give someone more than one bubble?
Tired  +   1550d ago
Ouch! Someone is for the chop.

'...Not convinced of it.' ?

Whoever told them is wasn't an issue is going to get their arse handed back to them.

I hope this (at least part)admission of guilt doesn't open them up to every sue happy idiot out to make a quick buck.

Dear Sony....Get well soon x
BX81  +   1550d ago
Someone in that company has to be held responsible for this. Sony knew someone was going to try to steal information from them. That's why they have security. You don't set up security because you think no one is going to try and steal from you. With that said it's the head of security's job to make sure nothing happens to everyone's info. I know responsibility is a tough concept to grasp for a lot of gamers, especially kid gamers but something like this doesn't happen with out someone getting replaced. I hope Sony works this out and PSN gets back up soon but I'm glad they're taking the time to get it right.
-MoOkS-  +   1550d ago | Well said
Lol, so basically sony knew that there were possible security threats, anonymous even issued them a warning. How useless can one company be, honestly. They deserve harsh punishments for what they have allowed to happen to their consumers. I think the lack of action of their part is a testament to the fact that sony has zero regard for their supporters; they only want your money.
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clintos59  +   1550d ago
I guess ms didnt know the risk of launching the 360 early to get that year headstart which lead to millions of rrod failures? MS also knew psn would be free & even though their one of the richest corporations in the world they love their fanbase so much that they make u pay to play your games online & they give u less exclusives. Amazing how such loyalty can go to one of the richest corporations in the world that gives u so much less then what its competitors have to offer. LOL.
Raiden  +   1550d ago
WHO GOT HACK AGAIN, just go to bed and cry, at less if we get hacked we can complain, you can't, and if your PS3 breaks you have to buy a new one. so sorry BUT WHO GOT HACKED AGAIN, also, do you have cross gaming chat, can you invite you friends in Austria, Italy and USA to watch a movie together, because we can, from day one, so, remind me WHO GOT HACK. REMEMBER THIS (When you pay for a service you can always complain, when it FREE you are on your ASS) Now look what you made me done. @MoOkS i understand your point, but who is going to be the bigger losers in all this, It won't be Sony, it will be they Consumers and that is not fare. Let me end this by saying the XBL has so far been identified as the best console gaming online service for many years, this has been documented, According to some report PSN was begining to catch up XBL which is a good thing, i wish all the best to PS3 owners and i hope your network returns soon, just lookout for Sony to start charging you.
stuna1  +   1550d ago
You should just get over it! Sinse everyone is not as intent as you to see a company fail, the crap you spew is just ridiculous to to the point that anytime I read one of your comments my eyes literally start to bleed! You really have it bad for sony!? Sort of like a jilted lover.

OT) Everyone wants to see sony face some infinite wrath, not taking into consideration of what negative and far reaching implications this could have on the industry as a whole in gaming or, otherwise.

This is just the fuel the government needs to put restrictions on how we utilise the internet.
No matter how you try to spin it, this has been an act of cyber terrorism and in all reality has changed the landscape of how some may view their own security while interacting with the internet. Be it other companies similar to sony, government entities or, people in general like you or me.
This has been an unfortunate "accident', and I say accident because sony did not intentionally set out to damage their own reputations by leaking personal information of it consumer market, "NO" it was taken by force! And as a matter of fact any company tied into the internet could be walking in the shoes that sony are force to walk in now.
Raiden  +   1550d ago
Point taken, but why take so long to inform the there consumers, PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION (if you can) and don't say they had to wait for a the security agency, all major company have a 24/7 network team monitoring there serves, where were Sony's internal network security team, were they on Holiday, how many serves got hack at once, was the hack so fast that it infected all serves, then what was the duration between the begining of the hack to when it was noticed/reported
Jazz4108  +   1550d ago
Sony messed up huge and now ill loose in court so let's bag on ms some more so you can feel better. The damage control is so funny to read on here.
StupidDude  +   1550d ago
written by Jonah Falcon.

look him up, guys. he's widely known for writing ridiculous, false articles against Sony.

this is no surprise, coming from him. Strategy Informer had to take down one of his articles before because he was getting so many comments against him.
testerg35  +   1550d ago
Did the writer even have to say much? So you're telling me that quote "The vulnerability of the network was a known vulnerability, one known of in the world. But Sony was not aware of it... was not convinced of it. We are now trying to improve aspects of it." is false?

The author didn't have to say much. Sony is doing a great job of making themselves look like idiots.
BX81  +   1550d ago
Wait. Are you saying this one is false or true? You can be wrong 800 times but right once, guess what that makes you? Wrong 800 times but right once.
StupidDude  +   1550d ago
well, i'm not really saying this article was false.

but, i am saying that we should never give Jonah Falcon any legitimacy.
Raoh  +   1550d ago
Well there is another site i'm adding to my blocked list. Any other wanna be journalist want to get added to my blocked list? Just post misinformation.

Kind of makes coming to n4g worthless. The less sites i go go the less i need a site like this to keep it all contained for me. all i really need a is a bookmark folder of the most professional sites.
SteveSmith  +   1550d ago
At least they are admitting their flaws. Then they will learn their lesson and improve their security. Props up to Sony for admitting their flaws, and working to improve themselves.
snyder2nyce  +   1550d ago
When will this whole mess stop?!?

This woman sues Sony for a billion. Why?

Because of the loss of her personal information. Why?

Because the PSN was hacked and some information was leaked. Why?

Because some angry pissed-off hackers decided to declare war on Sony. Why?

Because Sony sent them a message by suing GeoHotz. Why?

Because he decided to be himself (arrogant) and hack the PS3 to expose some private info regarding the console, while at the same time claiming that he didn't see this as opening the floodgates of piracy. Why?

Because he was being a douche by taking other hackers' credit and claiming he did this. Why?

Because he is apparently "fighting" for freedom of information. Why?

Because he thought that it's similar to his iPhone case. Just because he bought the device, he can tinker and publish its inner findings. Why?

Mainly because he claims that by hacking this machine, he was just trying to bring back the ability to install Linux on the PS3. Why?

Because he missed this feature, and Sony had it removed. Why?

Because allegedly, maintaining this feature was costing Sony money. This could also be because of Hotz's attempt in earlier 2009 to tinker with the PS3's innards via a Linux exploit.

So we can conclude that this entire shitstorm started with him.

When will this mess end... by egidem
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Loner  +   1550d ago
If it was a known about vulnerability then there must have been a patch for it so Sony weren't keeping their servers updated
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cereal_killa  +   1550d ago
“We thought we had taken enough management and control measures (to ensure the network was secure), but looking back, there might have been room for further enhancement,” Shiro Kambe added, “We have to admit we were not fully sufficient.”

Can anyone guess how many times the American government was given information about a terrorist attack? Can anyone guess when they decided to take them seriously? Every company has a chance to be hacked and every company thinks there doing everything they can to prevent it but its not until it happens you realize you could have done more just another site fishing for hits and N4G allowing more trash to flow though for HITS just a vicious circle of life.
dragon82  +   1550d ago
Raiden  +   1550d ago
Old saying, IT TAKES A NINJA TO STOP A NINJA, the same thing applies to hackers. Security measures only delay's hacker it won't stop them, but having a team working 24/7 to notice hacks will.
Veeger  +   1550d ago
I know about many security flaws in various versions of Microsoft Windows systems. To prevent those flaws from things like stealing my CC number from my browser, I use an Internet Security Suite software (nevermind the producer). This costs me about $100 a year.

Now, Microsoft, where are your apologies for that? I want Steve Balmer bow before me. If he can do it with his fat belly...
testerg35  +   1550d ago
I would have to disagree with you. Windows is pretty much available to take apart and look for security vulnerabilities.
Veeger  +   1550d ago
I had to pay for it to be available to me. It was advertised as a secure system but it isn't. So what now?

My point is not that we should sue everybody for everything. Read any EULA. You agree to it, you say any company which provides you software is NOT responsible for damages it may cause. Really, any EULA, any software. If somebody breaks into your computer and steals your files, you can't sue Microsoft. Look at the history of CC theft and fraud. Did any of those companies get sued? Like Visa, MasterCard, many banks?
testerg35  +   1550d ago
My point is that's its easier for hackers to check for exploits in Windows because its so readily available.

As for as your argument. If you got hacked because you didn't apply any of the MS patches, then yes, it is your fault. Now if MS didn't create a security patch for an exploit then yes it would be MS' fault.
#12.1.2 (Edited 1550d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report
utard69   1550d ago | Immature | show
GameScrub  +   1550d ago
The statement "...was not convinced on it" is the issue at hand. He started with a we didn't know, but then goes to say that hey we didn't think it was a big issue.

This article is right on the money really and the statement can be taken in a way that they where negligent on their end.

At least that is how I understood it.

***** EDIT *****

People need to stop deflecting the issue. This is not a hey guys blame the hackers or look MS have issues or hey the government is not safe either.

This is a SONY issue period. No matter who caused the issue or how others handle their issues. We are dealing with a problem SONY has.

Deflecting to how other companies or governments handled their issues is not an appropriate response to why SONY deserves a freebie.

Oh and the people that say stop making a big deal because you specifically haven't been victimized yet and to back off, need to step back and think this one through. Whether your information is readily available on some other site or that you perceive they can't do anything with it, is a childish assumption and a weak point to shut someone up. Now for example I have some fraud caused against me and I need to wonder ok was this because of PSN?

And since the SONY breach is the most recent one, where do you think your concerns would go?

Lol i talk to much back to lurkin
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BabyTownFrolics  +   1550d ago
so did sony know about the flaws and do nothing about it until it was too late, or not?

can I get an rational unemotional response from someone sane?

if they knew but did nothing then thats being negligent.

edit: to the disagree

so were they not negligent? I am getting so sick and tired of losing bubbles and being disagreed to hell simply because my response to this topic isnt: sony is awesome, they can do no wrong, I'm happy with they way they are handling it, if you disagree your a fanboy sony hater. I am trying to be part of this conversation but instead I am being punished for not falling in line.

I want PSN back up as much as anybody, all my steam friends have already played through the coop levels in Portal 2, and I had really been looking forward to playing with them.
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maxcer  +   1550d ago
"I am getting so sick and tired of losing bubbles and being disagreed to hell simply because my response to this topic isnt: sony is awesome, they can do no wrong, I'm happy with they way they are handling it, if you disagree your a fanboy sony hater"

you should know by now the only way to keep bubbles around here is to suck sony cock like the rest of the drones here
stuna1  +   1550d ago
So what you're saying is because someone has a difference of opinion than you or, someone you agree with, it's because they're sucking sony c*ck? It's that type of mentality adds more fuel to an already unquenchable inferno.
I, like many others have our own opinions, which shouldn't automatically classify us as being drones, because you're in disagreement! Because I'm sure you also have a classification!
#15.1.1 (Edited 1550d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report
BabyTownFrolics  +   1550d ago
while I dont necessarily agree with maxcer statements, I have had 2 bubbles taken from me for having a different opinion about this situation, there is an element of hivemind here and they will punish you for stepping out of line.

Sometimes the freedom of having one bubble is having nothing to lose, and I see that now.
Imalwaysright  +   1550d ago
"... have our own opinions, which shouldn't automatically classify us as being drones" yes it should because fanboys dont have common sense, logic or even opinions. Fanboys refuse to see the truth that is under their nose and act as if Sony/MS/Nintendo are perfect and can do no wrong.

Sony fucked up plain and simple. Imo PS3 is by far the best console in the market right now but in regards to this issue Sony was utterly incompetent and/or negligent. If Sony knew that there were holes in their security system and didnt do nothing about it, then yes, they were negligent. If Sony didnt knew that their security system had holes in it they were incompetent.
blackburn5  +   1550d ago
Sigh. I am not sure if I care anymore. All the conspiracies, half truths, twisted truth, misunderstandings, attention whoring and everything else in between is making me weary. The credit cards were encrypted, our info can't really be used for anything, there was a flaw in their security just like any security system in the world, Sony is sorry, it could have happened to anyone, move on. I don't want money, I don't want to see Sony suffer, heck I couldn't care less if they gave me anything for free.

Sony will survive just like all the companies before them. I just want PSN back and to play my games in peace. Screw Anon, screw Geohot, screw the haters and trolls, screw the so called 'journalists' and screw the people poking and prodding at us trying to make us upset. BTWI know idiots like B1663r thrive on watching chaos and seeing people unhappy but could you stop trolling so hard please.
Dlacy13g  +   1550d ago
Wow...thats a tough admission to make. While I appreciate the admission...man I would have chosen different words for Sony from a legal standing. I have no doubt these quotes will find their way into some of the class action suits against Sony.
yog-sothot  +   1550d ago
I wonder what's worst... That Sony knew about the vulnerability and did nothing about it or that the "world" knew about it and not Sony.

Epic Fail either way.

I hope they can now build security worthy of the great content we can find on the Playstation
The_Ultimate_Guy  +   1550d ago
"The vulnerability of the network was a known vulnerability, one known of in the world. But Sony was not aware of it... was not convinced of it."

So Sony doesn't know their own product? Everyone else knew the flaws in their system except Sony....and it was Sony's own product?

This is worse than Microsoft's RROD. At least MS gave a 3 year warranty on their 360 due to RROD....what is Sony giving? Their word that it won't happen again and a 30 day "welcome back" promo? HAHAHAHAHA forgive me if I don't accept their "word".
#19 (Edited 1550d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Troll_Police  +   1550d ago
Your ignorance is staggering. MS knew about the RROD and was forced to issue that warranty to save their own hide. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. SMH
The_Ultimate_Guy  +   1549d ago
Sony Knew about the issues of the PS1 and did nothing. They knew about the issues of the PS2 and did nothing. They also knew about the issues of their Network, using old tech and having NO FIREWALL UP which is standard procedure.

Yes, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. You should do more research and learn more about the history of gaming and not just focus on this Gen. This is MUCH WORSE than the MS RROD issues. You may as well come to peace with it, it's not going to change.
the_kutaragi_baka  +   1550d ago
Sony is responsbile for vulnerability PSN . They can't fix the consoles now that the key is out. They should have just kept quiet and banned the consoles that were not running the official Sony software (or using cheats)
#20 (Edited 1550d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
death2smoochie  +   1550d ago
"“We thought we had taken enough management and control measures (to ensure the network was secure), but looking back, there might have been room for further enhancement,”"

"“We have to admit we were not fully sufficient.”"

It's honorable to admit this, but foolish at the same time from a legal and business standpoint. You can only imagine the amount of lawsuits that will commence further based on these comments alone.
Pull a Bill Clinton and DENY, DENY DENY:

#21 (Edited 1550d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
NaiNaiNai  +   1550d ago
so in other words.

sony didn't know what the problem was, but didn't even bother to do the research on something they where using.

Awesome, nice to know that the company cares so little about the products they themselves use.
tudors  +   1550d ago
So everyone knew about it but Sony? who were aware that there was somthing but didn't know what it was or bother to ask?
#23 (Edited 1550d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
artsaber  +   1550d ago
Name me One secure network... I can
Right now it is PSN, why, because it is turned off. The only completely secure network is one that is off. There is not one live network completely impervious to hacking or attack.

The pentagon has been hacked, what leads people to believe that PSN, XBL, or any other gaming network can't be hacked?

You can only discourage hacking by making it more difficult, no accessible network is completely safe from hackers.
rlm41  +   1550d ago
Stop trying to damage control.. You can secure it by making it as safe as possible, which obviously Sony didn't do. This has nothing to do with XBL or any other gaming network.
Neko_Mega  +   1550d ago
>_< Sony please get PSN up and running again soon, I can't stand all this bs from sites.
CtrlAltDel  +   1550d ago
Remember; Sony knew about the faulty PS2s and the overheating original PS1s (when you had to turn it upside-down for it to work).

They never admitted to the PS1, they just redesigned it.

They originally didn't admit to the PS2 either but kept charging customers to fix it even though many were well within their warranty period. They admitted only after a class action lawsuit was established.

Their admittance here is shocking, giving their past history but they can't really hide from it.
Treyb3yond  +   1550d ago
BLAaaAaAaaaaMmm THESE pIECE of CrAp ARticLEs!!!!
bneals  +   1550d ago
This is ridiculous. PSN has 70+ million subscribers and Sony didn't know of the vulnerability? At a minimum, they were bluntly made aware of the vulnerability roughly two weeks ago when the PSN came crashing to a halt. Why then, after coming into this knowledge, did the other Sony property get hacked for an additional 24 million accounts?

I am a 360 owner, but this isn't about MS vs. Sony vs. Nintendo. The Sony line here is BS and people that love the Sony brand should be more upset than anyone else. You are being feed a load of crap and they are counting on the loyal fanboys of the world to bail them out. Demand more of them.
Firstkn1ghT  +   1550d ago
Not surprised. Sony is known for it's arrogance. Fortunately they know that their rabid fanbase are very gullible. Just a 7 second bow is all they need for their fanboys to forgive them, at least on this site.
hot111  +   1550d ago
Sony did amazing job!
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