Sony Playstation Network Hacker Hunt Taps Top Cyber-Sleuths

Sony has brought in top brass to track down the hacker (or hackers) responsible for the outage. Sony said on Tuesday that experts in consulting and digital forensics will aid the FBI in the investigation at Sony's San Diego data center, from which the hackers swiped users' personal information.

According to Reuters, Sony's for-hire detectives hail from Guidance Software, Protiviti and Data Forte.

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Chaostar2755d ago

I'm loving the alliteration in the title, you don't see that often in gaming media.

supremacy2755d ago

Ahh yes this is exactly the kind of action that will get many to deny their involvement. This is serious and i am glad Sony is taking some serious measures.

zag2755d ago

Next up the FBI will be picking up that box for a look over.

Then it'll move onto the next box.

Routers log everything, your never anonymous on the net you can use a proxy but that proxy logs your IP and the proxy IP and probably all the hops in between.

Also the FBI would be packet sniffing everything going in and out of their own IRC servers or the hops around it.

People will be found.