E For All: Metal Gear Solid 4 Hands-On Preview

Ripten's Andrew Podolsky gets a hands-on preview of Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots at E for All.

Includes two photos of Konami's Barbed-wire bunker-esque booth.


Here is something pretty interesting that the writer closed with..

"But besides the unique Kojima vibe, Snake is looking more and more like his Tom Clancy companions and less like his old self..."

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C_SoL4049d ago

when does it come out?...

beavis4play4049d ago

comes out march of '08. considering it's the final chapter in snakes legendary story, it's a game that should be on every ps3 owners list.

Nostradavis4049d ago

Too bad they aren't allowing pictures of video of the actual game on screen.

happygamer4049d ago

have a ps3 and im not very interested in this game. also have a 360 im just not a huge fan of this type of gameplay.

Daytona4049d ago

Graphics are all grey and nothing special, enemy AI is bad, very bad from what I saw in August, and they've basically copied Splinter Cell's past style in game play, thank goodness Splinter Cell Conviction has reached new heights.

MGS4's online multiplayer is very weak too.

I wouldn't be saying this if this is how it all looked 2 years ago, but this is now today and this is unacceptable. This needs to be turned around and fast. I know there forced to deal with many ps3 inherent weaknesses but still 200 developers and this is still the result?

I'm guessing this game will under go some more changes before release or be forced to face deep criticisms by all.

Greysturm4049d ago

But at the hour of truth MGS will mop the floor with the new splinter cell as it always does. It has a bigger fanbase for a reason.

KeMoBLUE4049d ago

vote yah if you think this guy is retarded.

Drano4049d ago

You may think that Splinter Cell has more Gameplay Elements but have you really tried MGS3? I don't think so. The only thing more annoying than a barrage of kicks in the nuts (for me, at least), is to see Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid being put in the same category. Maybe that the "core" is stealth-oriented gameplay, but the two games play a lot differently.

And about that comment saying that Snake looks more and more like his Splinter Cell companions... what about Sam Fisher's almost-mullet and beard? Stay tuned.

Jump Beyond.

TheXgamerLive4049d ago

Do you watch the damned video's???

It's a poor poor showing for the game in almost all area's at this point in the games design.

I hope like hell it's fixed and no fanboyism here, I have respect for the title, I just think ps3 is making it to difficult to do the game Hideo wants to do.

I agree with Daytona, I think it's not even close to coming up to the hype it's been getting. Halo 3 delivers in it's hype with a great single player campaign and an infinite palyability in it's online multi and coop modes, w/new content making it's way too. VIVA LA Halo3. Clans are killer too.

That stupid video I keep seeing for MGS4 keeps showing that dumb box to hide in, who isn't going to fill it full of lead the first time they see it?

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