Plants vs Zombies Sale: $3.40 on Steam Until Thursday

Save on the Steam GOTY version of Plants vs Zombies for a limited time on steam.

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Jamesmanguyperson2696d ago

For the few people out there that don't own this game in one form or another, there's really no excuse not to get it now..

rrquinta2696d ago

Yeah, it is definitely worth it, especially for only $3.40.

Perjoss2696d ago

hah, good one...

wait, you think there might actually be some people that have not played Plants vs Zombies??

theherp802696d ago

thats a good deal, might have to jump on that.

admiralvic2696d ago

Tempting... I want to, but I dont think I got the current funds Y_Y

TheLiztress2696d ago

I'm in the same boat. I'd love to get the game but I don't have the money for it. And by the time I do, the sale is over.

Megaton2696d ago

Pirated this ages ago. Bought it yesterday. $3.40 for a beast game and 2 "genuine" TF2 hats. Hatters gonna hat.

Esena2696d ago

Yeah... def gonna grab it :)

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