Raining down: Vatra returns to Silent Hill 2 with Downpour

VG247: Can Silent Hill’s fans ever be assuaged? We speak to Silent Hill: Downpour’s producers on atmosphere, competition, soundtrack and that fabled first-person segment.

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MikamiFanForLife2782d ago

Downpour? Hmm I hope it delivers but it certainly does sound appealing.

Ser2782d ago

Come on, Vatra Games! I'm rootin' for youse guys.

DWOM2782d ago

I hope this game turns good, all we need is some tense and disturbing atmosphere (like in the Silent Hill 1 game!) with a twisted psychological horror game.
That's how Silent Hill should be made! I loved he 1st installment because it was so dam scary!
I enjoyed Origins on a smaller scale, but still it was good and never got to play Silent Hill 2,3 or 4 :( I wish Konami releases an HD collection of Silent Hill for PS3 and 360!