Does a High-Powered Console Fit Nintendo's Strategy?

1UP: When news first began to leak of Nintendo's next-generation console, currently known as Project Café, an anonymous querent asked me (via Formspring) if I thought the system's rumored move to high-definition graphics and processing power as good as (or even better than) Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 was indicative of Nintendo giving up on its "Blue Ocean" strategy and admitting that its strategy of catering to a mainstream audience beyond the traditional gamer has been a bust. It's an interesting question, but it presumes a few things that strike me as fallacies: One, that Nintendo's current business model is a bust; and two, that Nintendo's abandoning it.

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smoothdude2782d ago

Nice article. I used to be a Nintendo fan until the Wii came out. While it was the first system that I purchased, I quickly bought an Xbox 360 until it had the RROD. After a couple of years, I bought an HDTV so I decided I wanted to watch blu ray movies, and I picked up a Playstation 3.

I think that all consoles offer a different type of gaming experience, and honestly if Nintendo doesn't deliver on their next console, it won't matter too much as I am fine with my Playstation 3. If I get bored of my PS3 (like if PSN never comes back online) I will get an Xbox over the next Wii.

matey2782d ago

Im getting a STREAM HD easy its going to be my only console does it fit Nintendo's stategy well did it fit Sonys before PS3 not really so yeah its up to the company if they want to do it going off STREAM HD specs its defo next-gen.

Shader Model 4.1/ps3 3.0
Revamped R700 GPU 900mhz/ps3 550mhz
DX10.1/DX11/ps3 DX9
HD Haptic controllers/ps3 same as ps2
Streaming technology/ps3 normal
2gig RAM/ps3 256mb RAM

Possible launch games

BF3 64 players
Waverace Online

VampiricDragon_2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

you seriously think theres going to be more than 1 gig of ram?

I mean hell..........that would make it have twice as much ram as even the ps3 has. 2 gigs is 4 times as much ram as the ps3 has..............

Peaceful_Jelly2782d ago

some people are just really naive like that. =p

Shok2782d ago

Guys....ram is extra cheap nowdays. You can get FOUR gigs of ram for just $40-$50, depending on where you look. Its essentially $10 per stick of ram, so 2 gigs would hardly add any increase to the price of the console.

death2smoochie2782d ago

All the Wii 2 needs is DX11(shader Model 4.1+ support) 1gig of fast ram and greater tessellation support and it will be head and shoulders above the Xbox360 and PS3.
If Nintendo can launch this rumored console before 2012, it will have a huge head start on the other systems and you can bet your ass that MS and SONY will reconsider their launch dates for their next systems.

ABizzel12782d ago

I agree it'll only have 1 GB or RAM. They could have easily added more RAM into the 3DS, but they didn't. Nintendo is all about lowest possible manufacture cost so they can gain profit on sales from day 1.

A great business practice, but it won't push anything forward.

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macky3012782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

yep,.. it will have 7-8 year old consumer tech,.. at probably retarded launch price, like the wii,.. which should probably launch at 150, as it is now.

Your point being?

I own Wii,.. for Nintendo games,.. I really doubt I will be all over this from day 1 this time,..

And I am not even shitting on the wii,.. Nintendo really brought it ,.. we got every important nintendo franchise this gen,.. got 3Mario games + Paper mario+ Mario Kart, 2Zeldas, 2Metroids, Donkey Kong, Kirby, golden eye... Wii is kinda great system now, if I think about it.

gii bro2782d ago

Nice summary. I hope the rumour of it being upgradable proves true as well (2G ram standard 8 G expansion).

BeastlyRig2782d ago

tech is increasing at a higher rate than 2005/2006!

I kinda doubt ps4 & 720 gpus will match a gtx 590 or Amd 6990.. But I could be wrong! unless they come out at least 2 or 3 years from now.

Godmars2902782d ago

We'll find out when soccer moms buy it.

Or not...

NESpower2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Nintendo gets my money and always deliver classic gaming. They can make bonafide all time classics on a Game Boy. Their gameplay and creativity is second to none and I can only imagine what this next machine will deliver.

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