List of confirmed games for E3

PSFocus writes: Over almost a month the E3 of 2011 begins and traditionally it's starts with the presentations of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. There gonna be some big announcements, but some names we already know. What are the confirmed games for E3?

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AngelicIceDiamond2757d ago

I'm pretty sure i've already seen this list before?

Dlacy13g2757d ago

not too mention that list seems to be pretty light. I am sure there are many other games that are confirmned for E3 missing off it. I mean I know Sony is going to have a game or two... then again... I don't know what they have confirmned beyond Resistance 3 and Twisted Metal which both should be at E3.

AngelicIceDiamond2757d ago

I know right this list is probably the games that they know of. theres gonna be tons more games announced and secret projects as well, supposedly sony has another game in the works. Lol doesnt really apply to me though seein how I only own a 360. and microsoft is suppose to be showing off kingdoms finally.

Eyeco2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Old news, i read this like 2 weeks ago

kickarss2757d ago

This is a duplicate article, the original can be found here:

Faunus2757d ago

@ kickarss

At the time I submitted this post I did'nt know it was an duplicate.

But why a report? You can't change anything now. The post is already approved. :-S

Dlacy13g2757d ago

And this sums up the problem with 50% if not more of the submissions here at N4G

"But why a report? You can't change anything now. The post is already approved. :-S "

Its that, dont check just force it through mentality and who cares I got it approved attitude that keeps this site from being a great news source and instead a fanboy/Crap Site Hit articles haven.

acemonkey2757d ago

same thing as the other day nothing new

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