10.0 Portal 2 Review

Quite simply, Portal 2 is a masterpiece. A lesson to every other developer out there on how to tell a story in a video game whilst executing every gameplay mechanic to perfection. Masterful writing, engaging characters, wonderful music, and so forward-thinking that it even includes cross-platform, cloud-saving play between Steam and the PlayStation 3.

Utterly essential in every way, Portal 2 is going to be in everyone’s game of the year discussion when the time comes, and it damn well deserves every ounce of praise lavished upon it. Buy Portal 2, you deserve it.

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Cerberus292777d ago

I really enjoyed this game... But I'm getting really tired of all these reviews claiming it's perfect and a "masterpiece".

Ness6192777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Completely agree. There are plenty of flaws in this game, but they have to feed the hype machine