Michael Phelps Screenshots Wade In

Call me crazy, but I’m quite looking forward to seeing exactly how 505 Games are going to translate swimming to Kinect. Since announcing the game a month or two ago, the company have been somewhat quiet, but have today released a series of screenshots and motion-capture photographs so that potential buyers can keep their eyes on the prize.

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macky3012757d ago

Here you go:
You are crazy.

BYE2757d ago

What's next, Kinect walking simulation?

ElementX2757d ago

Wii has one called Walk it Out

Ddouble2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Has anyone else had a good idea as to how this would work? It seems stupid everyway i try to think of it working.

SaveFerris2757d ago

Maybe it would involve leaning forward slightly at the waist, and then using your arms to mimic the strokes?

Not sure how they would get the player to simulate the start when the swimmer dives in?

Anyone else?

Projekt7tuning2757d ago

New worst game of the year. See what happens when you smoke too much weed Michael Phelps, You end up being the poster boy for what looks like the worst game of the year.
Whats next, virtual cutting with Emo girl?

Focker4202757d ago

Ummmmm.... facepalm??

I'm dumbfounded at how stupid this is. You want a swimming simulator? Jump in a pool.

Projekt7tuning2757d ago

But then you might get wet......

Do you have to wait 45min after eating to play this?

How do you know which side of the living room is the deep end lol?

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