3rd Black Ops DLC Leaked

A Black ops fan has discovered a new secret piece of downloadable content for Call Of Duty: Black Ops.

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Sanii2784d ago

Yay, more DLC at an affordable price by Activision! /s

iamnsuperman2784d ago

The only way Activision will learn is if people do not buy it. There DLC is really expensive but there are a lot of fans out there who only play COD and the DLC is relatively inexpensive if they are not buying any more games and sticking with COD

Dacapn2783d ago

If you don't like it, don't buy it. I'm gonna put it out there, I hate the black ops multiplayer, but I absolutely love zombies. My buddies and I play it all the time, so for me it's even worse. I pay $15 for one map: the zombie map. Is it worth it? Yessir. I play the hell out of zombies.

GhettoBlasStarr2783d ago

I think the only way to take down COD is to have a better game(BF3) with more DLC maps for a cheaper price. $1-2 per map. Until that happens every developer going to try and copy COD DLC formula and that will become standard. And it will be A LOSS 4 GAMERS EVERWHERE!!!

2782d ago
NiKK_4192783d ago

I think this is probably just the codename for escalation, because I don't see escalation on there and that is the only explanation I can see

Convas2784d ago

I'm really beginning to regret buying Black Ops.

I have none of the DLC yet, but by the looks of it, I'll have to spend $45 to get all the DLC.

Ridiculous. I'm more or less certain that this'll be my first and last Call of Duty game.

radphil2784d ago

What disturbs me is that people already paid the 1/2 price of a retail game game for just added locations. Nothing gamechanging or anything, just...locations.

Hurmun2783d ago

Most DLC is just locations though. A majority of the time the DLC for the multiplayer heavy game is just more maps.

Halo's DLC is 5 bucks cheaper yes, but people who love CoD: BO won't mind spending $15 for 3 MP maps and a zombie map.

Don't know why they're charging more, but w/e.

radphil2783d ago

Well the thing is it's not the content I question, cause I understand that it's an FPS, so maps are going to be the big thing. It's just pushing that $15 tag on it which disturbs me.

It's like what you said, dunno why they're charging more.

RockmanII72783d ago

Well [email protected] had 3 DLC packs, I'm not surprised to see BO have 3 too (Though [email protected] only charged $10 while BO is charging $15).

Excalibur2783d ago

Was [email protected]'s 3 map packs released in a 5 month period?

I honestly don't know, I'm just kinda commenting that the are coming out fast and expensive.

RockmanII72783d ago

No the three packs came out in March, June, and August. Blops right now has February and May so seeing as they were a month before [email protected] I think this one will release in July. It makes sense too, seeing how all the DLC is separated by 3 months and when the DLC is done a new game comes out in 3 months.

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The story is too old to be commented.