Far Cry 3 development still going, CVs are loud amid silence

Ubisoft has been super quiet when it comes to Far Cry 3, with news that it was put on the back burner in August 2008, but August 2010 brought it back?

Online CVs for devs at Ubisoft in Quebec make reference to an "unannounced shooter sequel" and a "first person shooter” with "exotic gameplay".

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InLaLaLand2757d ago

If there is no respawning enemies when you returned to the cleared post or horrible a.i attacking everytime, we will have a winner.

The concept for Far Cry 2 was great (I never played the first 1), the scenery was great.

ethan2757d ago

Far Cry 2 was definitely a fun game! It was a little annoying at times due to things similar to what you mentioned, but I still had a blast playing it. Kinda reminded me of a rural African GTA in a way.

egidem2757d ago

Not to mention the ridiculous trophies/achievements.

BattleAxe2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

The trophies were freakin hard, thats for sure. One of them didn't even work, it was the one where if you play all the official maps in any multiplayer gamemode. Loved the game though, and I'm looking forward to Far Cry 3. I just wish that we would hear something about the next Rainbow Six game..

lastdual2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I enjoyed Far Cry 2 quite a lot. Loved the atmosphere and freedom with which you could take on encounters.

That said, those guard posts respawned *way* too fast. They should have at least an in-game day pass before repopulating them.

They also need to fix the psychic enemies. Firing a silenced weapon while hiding in the grass, it should take at least 2 shots to give away your position, especially when you are 100 yards away...

matey2757d ago

Should be 4 Nintendo Stream HD and PC it would sell 8 million in 6 months,GTA 5 would sell 20 million in 6 months

antauwnehart2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Far cry 2 was garbage! Far cry 3 needs to be like far cry evolution!

BlmThug2757d ago

Far Cry 2 Was Great Except For AI And Respawning