Reviewer Rodeo: The Great PSN Outage of 2011 - ZTGD

ZTGD Writes: Error 80710A06. The Playstation Network is down for maintenance. Under different circumstances, these messages would be met with a sigh, minor frustration, and brief shift in gaming plans. Last week, though, saw an extremely long outage of the PSN service coupled with too-late notification that a great deal of personal data had been compromised.’s reviewers respond to the PSN outage and Sony’s response to the problem.

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clintos592729d ago

I hope it is up this week because these passed 2 weeks been crappy for me without dcuo. If dcuo isnt up by that time ill prolly jump back on uc2 online since its been a couple of months i havent played uc2.

PaladinXII2729d ago

At this point, even if PSN is back up, DCUO won't be. The SOE attack that followed the PSN attack has forced them to pull all of their game servers offline.