Kotaku apologies over indecent pictures

After challenging fellow Gawker poster at at Halo 3, someone managed to post a picture of a woman with fecal matter in the article. Picture removed, the owners of Kotaku gaming blog, apologized for the incident claiming it was something out of their hands.

it is not known if it was an hack, or a distasteful joke between the gaming bloggers

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EsbenPyrallis3841d ago

I saw a few pictures like the one that was posted a few years back. My brother made a song about it entitled "Streaming Yellow Poo". It was quite funny, if only I could remember the lyrics.

gamesblow3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Yawn.... Couldn't have happened to a better site, if you ask me. Kotaku is infectious and that Luke Plunknut is a complete crotch cream. I loath that smack ass.

Just for you luke.

eclipsegryph3841d ago

That is some hardcore hate, man.

Here, have a puppy.

Skerj3841d ago

I was about to ask the same thing hahaha.

smeg0rz3841d ago

never using this crappy blog again - pathetic. Im going elsewhere. Kotaku is a s**t blogger anyway