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Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection lives up to its name, containing Final Fantasy IV in its standalone form, but also packing in its direct sequel, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, which takes place 20 years after the original game’s ending. This sequel was previously released only on Japanese cellphones and then later translated and ported to Wiiware, available only as downloadable chapters. All chapters put together, The After Years costs close to 40 bucks on Wii. Now to reiterate, those Wii and mobile versions are sold without the original FFIV. So at the retail price of $30, the PSP’s Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection is already a good value. But then add in the PSP-exclusive bonus episode and graphical touch-ups, then you’ve got something really special.

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BigWoopMagazine2752d ago

Good stuff, it's been quite a while since I played this. If I had a PSP, I'd probably be tempted to pick it up again.

knifefight2752d ago

Christmastime when the PSPs inevitably become even cheaper and this game's price goes down a notch -- snag both.
Really though, any serious gamer ought well to have a PSP already, especially RPG fans.

Sev2752d ago

This is a tough call. I want to play the mid-quel, but I've already played both the original game and the after years.

Lifewish2752d ago

I am thinking of picking it up since it has been so long since i played FFIV

maxcer2752d ago

I would replay the main story, it has had a nice overhaul. some features are new to me because i only played the old FFII(US ver).

Still the best JRPG ever, now all we need is a remake of FFIII, FFV and FFVI

knifefight2752d ago

" all we need is a remake of FFIII, FFV and FFVI."

...For PS3, 4, or 5 please.

imoutofthecontest2752d ago

"The After Years contains some new tracks which are nice, but mixed with the sweeping, classic, memorable tunes of Final Fantasy IV, they don’t quite fit in so well. They’d be fine for an indie RPG or low-budget title, but mixed in with such a legendary soundtrack, it seems out of place. That’s like that one house you go to at Halloween, where you get a variety bag and you’re like “Aw yeah,” and it’s got all these Reese’s Cups and Nerds and then you spot the Good-N-Plenty and you’re like “The hell is that doing in there?” The only satisfaction you’re getting out of that thing is the “swish” when you shoot an imaginary three-pointer into your trash can. But Halloween’s worst treat shouldn’t smear my complimenting of the soundtrack that is truly Final Fantasy‘s Twix bar."

This is why this review is a winner.

Lifewish2752d ago

haha yea that is a classic paragraph

T3mpr1x2752d ago

Having never played a FF title past the first five minutes or so, do I start here?

Lifewish2752d ago

you are beyond help as usual