Scammers Taking Advantage of PlayStation Network Outage

It’s now common knowledge that the ongoing PlayStation Network downtime was the result of an ‘external intrusion’, as Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) themselves stated as much in direct correspondence with consumers registered with the service. However, it now appears that those who failed to make a quick, underhanded buck on the back of the hack are now moving towards consumers directly.

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forcefullpower2755d ago

I already get scam e-mails for pretty much every online service i have every used. Surprised i never got any before for PSN thinking about it.

Lame aticle.

Trey_4_life2754d ago

Yup article is fail, yet another piece of trash getting approved, and as someone who can approve/disapprove stories i can confidently say i don't approve sh*t like this.

humbleopinion2754d ago

The reason is probably that your (and everyone elses) PSN personal details didn't leak before.
Now not only hackers have the personal details of all users, but the average Joe is also trying to log back to his PSN account, and can easily fall for email scams promising him renewal of his PSN if he just logs into a fake site and provide credit card details to authenticate his account.

Flashwave_UK2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

fail article is fail

2755d ago
beavis4play2755d ago

bubbles from me too, flash! well said.

thor2754d ago

Why does it fail? It's reporting a scam. Sony themselves have warned about this. You have to be careful.

GoldPS32754d ago

Hahaha funny shit. I always get emails like that saying I won some money or I hit the lottery. How do someone win a lottery that they have never entered in the 1st place? LOL

---stone---2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Well, seeing how Sony sent every PSN account an email explaining what happened, what to do and saying "Sony will never ask for your details" last week. It wouldnt surprise me at all if some people do fall for scams associated with PSN.

Those that do fall victim of a PSN scam shouldnt complain or hold Sony accountable...but im sure some yuppy, righteous, pretentious asshole parent will get scammed or their precious, can do no wrong, perfect angel of a kid in their eyes ( but who swears like sailor with tourettes on cod blops etc) will sue Sony for /dramatic billion dollars.

People that fall for scams after being informed, like the email from Sony....dumbfuck people are just plain dumbfucking people.

sleepy32754d ago

I'm surprised people actually use a 'real' email address for PSN. i just use a spam -e-mail for that stuff. XBL, PSN, porn sites....i just use a gmail account that i never check anyway cause i know when you sign up for stuff online your inbox gets FLOODED

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