Insanely skilled Portal 2 Cube Tricks!

If you haven't tried or heard of the game before, you really should check it out. Anyways, one of the most amazing part of it, besides all the crazy moments in the campaign, is when you finish the game. By then, you will have all the freedom to explore the many 'hidden' places in the game where you never seem to notice that before, and develop your skills and stunts and tricks either on the co-op mode or simply testing your abilities by yourself. And here is one of the few videos of accomplished tricks using the very convenient cubes:

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limewax2779d ago

duplicate, saw this a couple days ago

Perjoss2779d ago

check out this Portal 1 speed run, its mostly glitches but still pretty crazy stuff, he finishes the game in under 10 mins.

lelo2play2779d ago

I saw this a few days... impressive.

KingDustero2779d ago

This is what happens when people go for two week without PSN.:p

This is impressive non the less. It is amazing how people ALWAYS find new more complex ways to break the game to accomplish the same goal.

jaixvx2779d ago

Maybe...but this is the xbox 360 version. :P

KingDustero2779d ago

I know. It was just meant to be a dumb joke.

bongzilla2779d ago

portal=skill=non existant.