The Fancy Pants Adventures Review (GPT)

GPT: "I'm a huge fan of platformers, indie titles and the Xbox Live Arcade. Somehow, The Fancy Pants Adventures manages to disappoint, offering literal hand-drawn graphics and 11 levels of platforming there is a big issue with the game. Fancy Pants is not very fancy and certainly not very fun. The game feels empty at points with some levels being extremely tiny and barren. Then there is the matter of the three bosses in the game, two of which being from the flash game remakes you unlock. Fancy Pants needed more bosses to be an adventure instead of a pirate with an identity crisis."

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GunShotEddy2780d ago

Looks like a XBLIG title more than a quality XBLA game. Think the score confirms it, ha.

Raichu502780d ago

Flash games don't belong on the marketplace. This goes for Super Meat Boy and Alien Hominid too

GunShotEddy2780d ago

Blasphemy regarding Super Meat Boy.

Raichu502779d ago

dude thats an original game