Gears of War 3 Preview (Gameplay Today)

GPT: "Ask gamers what they think of the Gears of War series and you should expect some very mixed results. Whether you consider every new release to be like the second coming of Christ or you hate the game entirely, there's no denying Gears of War 3 marks a big release on the gaming calender. On September 20th, 2011, Xbox 360 users will finally be able to complete the trilogy that helped make the console what it is today, and of course enjoy the online multiplayer."

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GunShotEddy2757d ago

Not trying to rain on anyone's parade, but the Gears ip license for MS is 1-3 right? So unless it's renewed, we might get to see the next sequel or a prequel on PS3? I have both systems, but I loved the options PS3 had on Unreal Tournament. Can you imagine user created maps in Gears? *drool*

AAACE52757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Not trying to rain on anybody's parade, but didn't Ps3 only owners say that Gears sucked in every way possible!

So why would they want it on Ps3?

alb1899 is right, it's better to play this with a 360 controller. The Ps3 controller would get destroyed based on how the controller works and how you have to play! Probably not, but it would be too awkward.

Active Reload2757d ago

In that person's defense, they were actually comparing UT options that would possibly be generated for the Gears franchise--as far as what the pc community creates. But in my opinion, Gears going multiplatform would be Gears being gimped. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Gears wouldn't run on the PS3 equally with the 360 and the PS3 would end up getting a sh*tty version. More likely Bayonetta x9000. Epic should--if reasonable--make an exclusive from the ground up for the PS3.

GunShotEddy2757d ago

So many disagrees for a mention of user content? So much fanboyism on this site. Somehow owning both systems makes you alienated all around here.

alb18992757d ago

Day one buy and is better to play in 360 controllers!

Vherostar2757d ago

First how you know without trying on a ps3 controller? In fact mouse and keyboard are better :). Anyways onto a real point. After playing the BETA for a long time now I have to say I am not actually buying Gears 3 (I own the first two games). Mainly because it's more of the same online which is a massive disappointment. It's just like COD new weapons and maps the same old crap really. Just paying for what should be an expansion on multi-player and a new single player experience which NOBODY ever buys FPS/TPS games for anymore.

Its the reason I stopped buying all my other shooter games and it is this. So the only shooter I will be buying this year is uncharted 3 as that actually looks like it's evolved it's online.

InTheKnow2757d ago

I agree alb1899, the game is looking great and will easily be one of the best playing and looking games of the year.

@Vhstar, Gears 3 will have singleplayer campaign, 4 player story based co-op campaign and the horde/beast mode as well as multi-player. Not many games are going to offer that kind of value but you know that don't you.

BTW, it's sad to see what's happened to the 360 community around here. It's a ghost town now with very little activity and more PS3 kids trolling the 360 articles than 360 gamers.

Kingdom Come2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Epic Games didn't release the Second title on to PC as they thought it would be betraying their fans of whom perhaps purchased the Xbox 360 just for the Gears of War franchise, so theres no chance it'll make its way to the PS3. Microsoft are providing brilliant promotion and money for exclusivity AND the games are selling over 5 Million with each installment, Epic are happy were they are. Also, on the announcement of Gears of War 3 Microsoft stated they alrady had plans for the future of the series...

ON TOPIC: I've been playing the Gears of War franchise since Day one, the Beta is the greatest multiplayer I've played and I applaud Epic for creating such a magnificent game and franchise.

Raichu502757d ago

I heard Master Chief would have been in it but Microsoft wouldn't let them. WTF man trust CliffyB

maxcer2756d ago

great beta, GOTY easy