SCEA breaks the silence

Following official confirmation of the 40GB PlayStation 3 in the US, spoke with senior vice president of marketing, Peter Dille, about the changes in the console, why it took so long to announce, the company's commitment to the prior hardware generation, and whether Blu-ray demo disks will be available in the future.

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Premonition4075d ago

Well now that they feel better about going in to the holiday and beyond, my guess is now they will start pushing advertisement for the PS3, much more than before do to the price, and on top of that it seems the 80gig will stick with Motorstorm even after the price drop, which is pretty cool.

feejo4075d ago

Excellent interview, I have learn alot.

Sevir044075d ago

like as mush as possible. word of mouth alone cant do it. and thats how games slip right under the carpet and gets forgotten. a game like uncharted ratchet and folklore needs to be blostered by huge 10-20 million dollar marketing. great commercials showing off the PS3's control mechanics and Online functions. i swear while they got the price right, now they need to get the marketing right. coustomers buy what they see alot of and they need to bring awarness. if he's Senior marketing PR for SCEA then they need to fire his ass cause he isn'tt doing a damn good job...

STILL I DIGRESS, I'LL SAY that this was a good interview and he wasn't running his mouth and trampling hard on the competion he's alot more humble this time. which was nice.

PopEmUp4075d ago

If Sony were to introduce a new sku Ps3 I wish they don't include a hard drive but include the BC for those who want to play ps2 games, this will also reduce the price as well and will be less people complaining about bc

sak5004074d ago

Ahh the guy who predicted HDDVD's death 6months back.