Halo: A Ten Year Legacy

Bungie’s Halo: Combat Evolved was released nearly 10 years ago. It was a first person shooter that changed how the genre was made for consoles. To this day, its influence can still be felt, and while some will argue about it’s quality, no one can deny the knock on effect this game has had.

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emitcowboys2757d ago

Halo's success comes from BUngie innovative ideas and thank god cause no one innovates like them.

Droid Control2757d ago

yeah right!

Halo 1 was an innovation for FPS, Halo 2 for online.

What did halo 3, ODST, REACH bring to the table? NOTHING.

MasterD9192757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Forging, Playback features, Customization, Firefight and the different types of multiplayer matches weren't in the 1st two games...

antauwnehart2757d ago

I'm gonna play some halo 3 today!