The Tritton AX720 Review(Built for Gamers, Suited for Astronauts)- Gaming Irresponsibly

Tom Is Hanks writes: As the title may reveal to you, the first thing you may notice about this headset is that it looks as though it was tailored for space men. If you’re like me though: smart, still tripping balls, then you would only consider this a plus and half.

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blitz0x2778d ago

This was a fun read :)

Echo3072777d ago

It was a fun read but... 4.82? Where the heck did that number come from? Assuming it's not just a joke score, they need to ditch the decimal.

agentxk2777d ago

He says it was better than a 4.5 but not a 5. Guess he settled somewhere in between

Shaner_Bock2777d ago

And since it would be way too easy to settle for a 4.75.......

agentxk2777d ago

You got it! He is usually a comedic writer. He at least used numbers this time.

agentxk2777d ago

Tom Is Hanks is an interesting one...

Too_many_games2777d ago

i own one of these and they are pretty good, got them on the 20th of April so have not tested out the mic yet on PS3 (my only video game system)

2hoodz2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

I have a few buddies that own a pair and the voices sound super clear..
I'm currently loving my Astro A40..Sound amazing as-well

nycredude2777d ago

My wife is getting me a turtle beach px5 for my bday, which is coming up. Can't wait to try it.

zgoldenlionz2777d ago

that was funny. but funny aside i really like these headphones ive had them for about a month now and their working out great!