Suda 51 promises more No More Heroes 'if enough love the IP'

Shadows of the Damned developer Grasshopper Manufacture is home to game design man Suda 51, and he will "definitely" be created new IP, it's his "first priority."

His studio will be revisiting No More Heroes and Shadows of the Damned for sequels if enough fans "want to see Travis or Garcia again"; it's all about us.

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EYEamNUMBER12779d ago

no more heroes 3 on nintendos next console you know hes gonna do it

i mean hes already said he would a bunch of times already

i would actually like it if they brought back the open world just REALLY improved it

NewMonday2779d ago

Only Suda51 game I played was Killer7, I never got into it, but soon I will be playeng to of his games back to back, NMH and SOTD.

techrave2779d ago

I'm really excited about this game because Shinji Mikami is involved.

mistique2779d ago

Big Resident Evil fan here I concur.

christheredhead2779d ago

i really enjoy the no more heroes series. i wouldn't mind seeing a 3rd installment.

Corrwin2779d ago

I personally love the IP, but nearly hated the first game on Wii.

Crappy open world, Boring levels, but amazing music, visual style, and boss fights.

Hoping the 2nd on PS3 shapes up better.

christheredhead2779d ago

the only thing that bothered me in the 1st game was the open world aspect which they corrected in the 2nd game. other than that it was a pretty solid title.

on a side note i think the ps3 version of no more heroes is the 1st game in hd with added features like extra bosses. i dont think its no more heroes 2. could be wrong though.

Venox20082779d ago

I liked first more than second, I didn't care if it's open world or not .. I cared for story .. that's why I liked first more :)

btw: make it happen, suda :)

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