Runescape updates and graphical enhancements coming this month

DaReviews writes: "Jagex announced today that new updates and graphical enhancements are coming to Runescape this month. Alongside with them, Jagex will offer Death Hats, a Dwarf Lava Flow Mine and Capes of Distincti. Additionally, Fremennik Sagas will also be made available this month. Fremennik Sagas are a series of three replayable stories, as told by a cursed Fremennik going by the name of Skaldrun..."

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zeal0us2785d ago

The one mmorpg that doesn't high-end graphics or high-tech mechanics in order to sell. If any other company tried to pull this off in this day and time it probably wouldn't work. Besides if jagex upgrade their graphics to something more modern the overall game would probably look similar to one of those generic MMOrpgs

GrumpyVeteran2785d ago

Just small graphics improvements in localised areas.

No overhaul.