Homefront breaks two million sales, "multiple" DLC packs promised

OXM UK: Kaos Studios' Homefront has sold over two million units worldwide, according to a THQ fourth quarter earnings call.

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dirigiblebill2755d ago

I'm hoping this is one of those situations where they chuff it up first time round only to deliver something spectacular with the sequel. A man can dream.

/crosses fingers

VampiricDragon_2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

just proves any crappy shooter will sell in the states......

not sure if this is good news

considering thq's profits are down this year. they havent been doing good as a company

techrave2755d ago

I'm really surprised that it sold well.

Troll_Police2755d ago

If it shoots it's guaranteed to sell at least 2 million.

Guard7192755d ago

ehh......Not exactly. Remember Turning Point: Fall of Liberty? Haze? I'm a gaming enthusiast but those games were preety bad and never even got close to a million.

Calm Down Sunshine2755d ago

As am I.. I suppose I shouldn't be though, the gaming crowd has changed now..

bumnut2755d ago

Its a sad day when something as mediocre as Homefront sells so many copies.

This means they will make another one.

Crazyglues2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Yeah this is a real surprise, mainly because review after review seem to be giving the game a low score..

Interesting, guess it shows that reviews really don't impact a games success... Even though I have never played Homefront it's strange that it would do so well when Crysis 2 a game that is really good, probably won't even sell 2 million copies..

What is it about Homefront that keeps it selling? Is this just what people want, the next thing that's close enough to Call of Duty...?

I mean to sell 2 million copies your doing something right..

Maybe someone who owns this game can say, "What is it about this game that is making it sell so well"

I thought I was hearing people say the Online was not that populated but maybe that's not true who knows?

Someone who owns this game please jump-in right here.. Is the game really that good?


Guard7192755d ago

Hi. Yes it is. HomeFront had a good marketing push but nowhere near as aggressive a push as CoD, Crysis 2, Medal of Honor, those games. This, in a way, means the game was good enough to continuously warrant sales.

oh, and Im going to put this down: Regardless of what you have heard, this is not a CoD rip-off nor killer in anyway. In fact, they are two completely different shooting experiences. But this game can go toe-to-toe with CoD and overcome it.

Alright, the only downside I found in the single player was its length (unless you crank it up to Guerilla difficulty) It could've led to more awesome combat scenarios. THe campaign average about 6-8 hours. it does have replay value in collecting news articles and getting trophies. Im sure the DLC packs may expand the campagin and, without giving away anything, that would be incredible! The shooting sequences are very well done to. It's not a "been there done that" kind of thing.

As for the story, its solid. The heart of it lies in this world you find yourself in- a shattered, occupied, war-torn America and your both vastly out-numbered and outgunned by the KPA. Don't expect someting out of Mass Effect or Uncharted. But it is told well. THere are desperate times and you really have the sense that you are a resistance fighter. It not like supercomando Call of duty. Here, its stil action-packed but your enemy is much more hell bent to kill you. If you've seen Red Dawn or Apocalypse Now, you'll get that sense of destruction and madness here. Voice actors do their job well, the visuals and framerate are solid, so its a worthy campaign to play! I enjoyed it! And most importantly, it isn't senseless like Modern Warfare 2's pointless 4 hr game.

Guard7192755d ago

Part 2!

Now Multiplayer- this game has something most lack- BALANCE! The game goes by the battlepoint system. As you play (kills, melee, headshots, killstreaks, defense, offense) you get points. THose points go toward unlocking a special weapon and abilities on the battlefield ( you can choose several for each class) and purchase vehicles. When you die and if you have enough points, you can spawn in your vehicle like a tank, APC or attack chopper.

ALl the weapons are fine tuned and you won't ind a noob-tube. They are all exceptional to use but won't be abused like a P-90. The weapons can have different attachments like grenade launchers, shotguns, and scopes as well as different weapon camo. There are perks and they are all effective for shooting and vehicles. However, they aren't abusive nor useless like matyrdom or juggernaut.

As for the control and feel, it feels jut right. it isn't lightening twitch fast as CoD nor slower paced like Battlefield. With the balancing in the weapons, it is accessible gameplay to all players. Also, Sniping is actually useful here.

THe vehicles and maps are balanced to. First, I haven't experienced camping rape like CoD or battlefield. The key here is to keep moving. The maps are just sized enough to where a tank, jeep, and APC can roll around with ease. The vehicles are effective but they are balanced to. You will be in a tank blowing everyone up but everyone does have access to anti-tank weapons and can destroy you. Same thing with helicopters. A nice addition are UCAV's and drones. Find a spot on the map and if you have the right perks and moves, you can score killstreaks easily. Granted, you need to hide someplace away from battle and hidden so you're not killed. UCAVs cannot be taken out but carry a limited payload. Aim right and take opposition out! Teams are balanced as well and there are very little spawn kills. The game gives you a chance to take people down before you go down rather then run out and get shot repeatedly and wind up with a 22/2 ratio.

If there's anything wrong, its just not enough maps or weapons. There's plenty but ive seen more. Other then that, it runs very smoothely technical wise. I played this game for a week straight (then the psn servers shut)

Hope this helps!

Crazyglues2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

@ Guard719

Thanks for the feedback I think I might pick this up used off of eBay and check this out...

sounds interesting... I must admit when I saw the graphics I really didn't think too much went into making the game, so I stay away..

But it looks from your comments it may be worth checking out.. so thanks again..

With Two Million sold I guess the game is really selling from word of mouth more then anything else...

(I guess I'll know for sure once I get it..)

Thanks again for the comments..



Ok just watched the intro - - that was really good...

This could be one amazing Movie.. wow -when the kid was crying as they shot his parents... I was like ok your all dead now, pass me a gun... LoL

Really Nicely done, then that truck came out of no where and flipped the bus... I just wish this had Black Ops graphics.. would have looked amazing if they could have made it look that good.... Nice intro..

Ju2755d ago

I don't know. Nice lengthy report.

But in all honesty, this game is crap. The controls are useless, the graphics bad, the story....well creative...but not well fleshed out.
And one of the shortest of all shooters.

Online is surprisingly good. But still doesn't justify a purchase.

So...I don't get it. Marketing sold that game. You can sell everything with the right dose of hype.

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BabyTownFrolics2755d ago

its a good game

mediocre single player
fun multiplayer

bumnut2755d ago

I wouldn't call it good, its ok (barely)

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