Konami: We "did not intend" to make Doctor Lautrec title look like the Professor Layton series

Nintendo Universe writes:

The art style, the companion, the puzzles and even the hat. There’s no denying that there are some striking similarities between Konami’s Nintendo 3DS bound puzzle-adventure Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights, and Level-5′s incredibly popular Professor Layton series.

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PS360WII2781d ago

Right. That's why he has a mustache...

Reminds me of how Ubi was going to great lengths saying how their Hollywood Crimes game is nothing like the Layton games and yet when they described how the game is it sounded just like a Prof Layton game 0.o

Ah well it'll be near impossible to put an adventure tale into a puzzle game without it looking like a Layton game. Don't know why devs need to fib about these things sometimes.

kingdavid2781d ago

They probably coulda used a different art style, not given him the same top hat and not have exactly the same premise as layton.

Then id probably believe konami. Either way, im willing to see how it turns out. If its any good, ill get it.

PS360WII2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Indeed. A small change could have been a bowler hat. It is still a hat but it's no top hat and it would still be in the right time period.

As a fan of the Layton series I too will be looking into any puzzle adventure games. More the merrier :)