inFamous 2 Xbox 360 dig: Sucker Punch coy on knowledge of gag

CVG: The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed a sly dig at Microsoft's Xbox 360 in some of the latest gameplay footage from Sony exclusive inFamous 2.

Perhaps the team at Sucker Punch thought it would go largely unnoticed, serving as little more than a cheeky nod to their exclusive fans. When we called Sucker Punch co-founder and inFamous 2 producer Brian Flemming up on the joke, he remained elusive... with a kind of cartoon shiftiness.

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GrieverSoul2755d ago

That right there, is the reason why Sony got hacked!
MS just couldnt take a joke! Ahaha... XD

Cmon, no one has to be ofended by that! Its true! The RROD exists or existed if you will! Now the MS crowd can make a nod to the PSN downtime in the next gears of war 3. Cmon, we can take a joke. Do it! Its all for laughs and giggles guys, grow up. ;)

RememberThe3572755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

I agree. There nothing wrong with lightening the mood sometimes.

@Nathan: Those people are fanboys and they often suck anyway. Let them over react thats really all they know how to do.

MaxXAttaxX2755d ago

I'm all for it.
Unfortunately some people will see things like these as flaming material.
And some people are just to goddamn sensitive and to big of a fanboy to take things lightly.
Like the one guy in CVG's comment section, saying that Sucker Punch get's paid to be fanboys, or something like that.

iamnsuperman2755d ago

"Like the one guy in CVG's comment section, saying that Sucker Punch get's paid to be fanboys, or something like that"

really???? A guy really said that......That is the stupidest thing I have heard lately. I am speechless about what some people come up with

digimau2755d ago

Hahaha quote... Remember all: Infamous 2 is Copyright Sony

Snappy2755d ago

Just like the joke on bulletstorm too, the door that doesnt open due to the rrod lol, its not a laughing matter like i have gone though 5 xboxs now due the rrod, damn wife.

Snappy2755d ago

yer my wife, got her into gaming when we married she love the xbox 360 therefore when it dies a death had to buy another, and im just chilling out still on my launch ps3 lol

Corrwin2755d ago

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift has a track named "Red Ring of Death"; takes place on a volcanic track with lava everywhere and a lot of explosions due to overheating.

Digs like this aren't new in the industry - Duke Nukem 3D had the "That's one DOOMED Space Marine" joke at the expense of id Software.

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The story is too old to be commented.