FIFA 12's Impact Engine is "biggest change" to franchise since FIFA 07

OXM UK: "FIFA 12's new Impact Engine is the "biggest change" EA Canada has made to the franchise since rebuilding the game for next generation consoles, according to lead gameplay designer Aaron McHardy."

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dirigiblebill2779d ago

I don't go for football games as a rule but this sounds rather special. Hope they've got all the usual slow-mo replay stuff - I want to be able to see that physics system in action.

Yi-Long2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

... just fix it that we can now save more than 5 replays to our own HDD, and make sure we can also watch them back from all angles, instead of in that crappy 'Highlights Theater'.

Pro Evo 5 was perfect when it came to the replays. Why can't FIFA do the same? It's 6 years later!

Also, an in-game player editor would be nice, like the Tiger Woods game-face system. Instead. EA wants us to mess around on their crappy website instead and then uploading it to our 360/PS3(!)

There's lots of other stuff I'd also like to see improved, but these are a couple of the major points which have been bothering me for a while.

Still a brilliant game though.

caseh2779d ago

Problem with EA is they add something pretty cool each year but they completely remove or dumb down another aspect from the previous year that you loved.

So instead of the game being enhanced and adding to the existing experience is just moves in a different direction.

I've not touched it since 2009 as a result.

I_find_it_funny2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

My last Fifa was 10 :) so I'm sure 12 will be a big jump for me

Snakefist302779d ago

I want the Champion League Tournament on Fifa 12!

Rusco872779d ago

Yeah, this should have been placed in FIFA years ago. It adds more challenges during a season.

NnT32912779d ago

The CL is exclusive to PES now if I remember correctly

RememberThe3572779d ago

I have grown to love this game series since my friends have started playing it. I wanna see some video of it in action.

Senden2779d ago

Ffs, "new marketing gimmick best feature we've implemented since our first decent fifa game in years" EA's marketing never changes. If they want to impress how about releasing a fifa that doesn't have game breaking bugs each year and a fully functional online system from day one! Or better yet, remove ingame morale/momentum from the game so that online is a fully fair better play wins scenario.

Ddouble2779d ago

I stopped buying annual games like this a long time ago but if the change is indeed big then i'll probly buy it.

Fil1012779d ago

same as me I jus brought tiger 12 but the last one i owned was 09 same goes for fifa I now own 11 but the last one I owned was 09. For me the ea sports franchise does not offer enough original and fresh content to justify buying it year in year out.

Vitalogy2779d ago

My story with FIFA freanchise goes way back to FIFA '94 and FIFA '95 both for Sega Mega Drive haha (got to love run away from the referee when he wants to show you a yellow card LOL) then I got FIFA '99 for PC and stopped there. After a few years (long ones) I got FIFA '09 for PS3 and again it stopped there, I guess I'll wait and see If I ever buy another one again.

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