The Why of Nintendo

This editorial goes into the discussion of why Nintendo seems to always remain a "step behind" in the console wars and what their business strategy could be.

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StifflerK2785d ago

They call it the 'blue ocean' strategy.

The 'red ocean' represents the normal game market - it's a small percentage of the population, and it's highly competetive - making profit in such is difficult.

The 'blue ocean' represents the rest of the non-gaming population which is far bigger and has plenty of potential profit to be made.

That's why Nintendo did what they did - i.e. make a games console for non-gamers.
That's why motion controllers (for accessibility), marketing and social games took precedence over powerful HD graphics.

Shok2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Yep, exactly. Nintendo is just on a path on their own. For better or for worse, like Miyaymoto said, they're not trying to beat the competition. Nintendo is it's own competition - how will they top the Wii's success, and how can they get 3rd party support and a better online, the Nintendo way?

matey2785d ago

If Ninty are going full steam with Hardcore Console in the STREAM HD u have nothing to wrorry about there 1st/2nd party developers rule wait till E3 then ask yourself was that E3 showing HARDCORE the answer will be yes.

VampiricDragon_2785d ago

nintendos been doing just fine........

matey2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

also Nintendo compete with themselves not the competition so with a HD console with DX11/SM4.1/900mhzGPU/HD controllers/Streaming tech/2gig RAM,ect ect this is a beast that will crush ps3/360 even if the next console off Sony is DX12/SM5.0 its wont leave STREAM behind as u can have BF3 in DX11 and DX12 its a very small difference plus DX12 isnt properly out so its a proper NEXT-GEN console to compete with ps4/720 as when they hit STREAM will be the lead console that gen as developers/publishers would have made huge investments on game engines ect 4 STREAM HD oh Mark Rein cant say this cant handle UE3 as it could handle UE4 with them specs Nintendo mean war.

Otheros002785d ago

Microsoft owns dx1-11. So, no dx1-11 for everyone but xbox.

ChickeyCantor2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I think the point he is making that Shader model 4.1 is equal to Dx11 features.

If rumors are to be true, I think many developers can have some certainty that lots of their games can work without needing to downgrade many stuff...

Whatever de console is gonna be, I just want F-zero goddamn it.

If the latest engines can run on it, that would mean -awesomeness imminent-...
Now if only Bioware would release a ME trilogy pack =3


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