Hackers Bring Back OtherOS For PS3

Following the release of the PS3MFW Builder, the efforts to bring back OtherOS onto the PlayStation 3 had been all but abandoned. Now, however, a hacking group has successfully managed to bring back OtherOS to the PS3.

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SpaceSquirrel2779d ago

I never used the OtherOS feature personally

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krauler2779d ago

actually, OtherOS never would have went away if...... wait, where is Georgy going?

sikbeta2779d ago

Doesn't matter now, it could have improved over the upcoming generations, now we'll never see the otherOS feature in the PS3 again...

--------2779d ago

These virgins and what they spend their time on...

fedexas2779d ago

....I don't even use OtherOS. All I did was play bluray movies and games. So you mean to tell me that these idiots hacked the PS3 just for that? I'm pretty sure this can be used on a PC?

b_one2779d ago

same here, who needs linux on 512MB of ram?

HappyGaming2779d ago

Thats as much ram as on my phone :-/

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Mr Tretton2779d ago

Here's where you can use other OS...

PC you stupid f*cks!

nevin12779d ago

I never used other OS either but was the advantages of it?

dragonelite2779d ago

For the normal average gamer none but for people like me who can code and write simple programs it nice to run the code i have written on my 360 or ps3.
360 has XNA where programmers can make stuff in.

radphil2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Why not just order the SDK from the companies like I did?.... Instead of taking the cheap route.

lolwutt12342777d ago

@radphil: Because the actual SDK is incredibly overpriced and it comes with free NDA's.

Oldsnake0072779d ago

emulators, play nes/snes games on it.

sikbeta2779d ago

It was a lame @ss linux version for PS3 that run average at best because of the amount of memory usable and the RSX was locked...

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Soldierone2779d ago

Congrats you got your useless feature know an easy hack to get it? Dont agree to PSN terms and dont update...

Now leave the real gamers alone and let us play in peace.

RBLAZE19882779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I was going to say that same thing when I read this. I guess all those hackers can stop complaining and being miserable now that they can have this back right? Hopefully...

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The story is too old to be commented.