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Hackers Bring Back OtherOS For PS3

Following the release of the PS3MFW Builder, the efforts to bring back OtherOS onto the PlayStation 3 had been all but abandoned. Now, however, a hacking group has successfully managed to bring back OtherOS to the PS3. (PS3)

Credit url: vgn365.com
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SpaceSquirrel  +   1668d ago
I never used the OtherOS feature personally
kayla   1668d ago | Spam
krauler  +   1668d ago
actually, OtherOS never would have went away if...... wait, where is Georgy going?
sikbeta  +   1668d ago
Doesn't matter now, it could have improved over the upcoming generations, now we'll never see the otherOS feature in the PS3 again...
--------  +   1668d ago
These virgins and what they spend their time on...
fedexas  +   1668d ago
....I don't even use OtherOS. All I did was play bluray movies and games. So you mean to tell me that these idiots hacked the PS3 just for that? I'm pretty sure this can be used on a PC?
b_one  +   1668d ago
same here, who needs linux on 512MB of ram?
HappyGaming  +   1667d ago
Thats as much ram as on my phone :-/
N4GAddict  +   1668d ago
I rather have PSN back
Mr Tretton  +   1668d ago | Well said
Here's where you can use other OS...

PC you stupid f*cks!
nevin1  +   1668d ago
I never used other OS either but was the advantages of it?
Mr Tretton  +   1668d ago
dragonelite  +   1668d ago
For the normal average gamer none but for people like me who can code and write simple programs it nice to run the code i have written on my 360 or ps3.
360 has XNA where programmers can make stuff in.
radphil  +   1668d ago
Why not just order the SDK from the companies like I did?.... Instead of taking the cheap route.
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lolwutt1234  +   1666d ago
@radphil: Because the actual SDK is incredibly overpriced and it comes with free NDA's.
Oldsnake007  +   1668d ago
emulators, play nes/snes games on it.
sikbeta  +   1668d ago
It was a lame @ss linux version for PS3 that run average at best because of the amount of memory usable and the RSX was locked...
Soldierone  +   1668d ago
Congrats you got your useless feature back...you know an easy hack to get it? Dont agree to PSN terms and dont update...

Now leave the real gamers alone and let us play in peace.
RBLAZE1988  +   1668d ago
I was going to say that same thing when I read this. I guess all those hackers can stop complaining and being miserable now that they can have this back right? Hopefully...
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supremacy  +   1668d ago
This will be taken down shortly once the psn goes back online.yawn...
DWOM  +   1668d ago
yep... with the FW this feauture will be removed... and YES more hacker bans!!!!! >:)
Acquiescence  +   1668d ago
55 people out there just jumped with joy at this news...
the other 77 million shrugged their shoulders and went about their business.
theguitarizt  +   1667d ago | Funny
The other 77 million are too busy canceling their credit cards...
leogets  +   1668d ago
these dumb fuks will probably delay the rise of psn once again.well done fuck wods
supremacy  +   1668d ago
I hope not, but if thats the case. Then Sony will have to reinvent the wheel and build a new ps3 with the feature non existant anywhere internally speaking. Thats how you put these kids out of comission.

In all honesty they just got what they wanted, but i highly doubt they'll stop messing around with the "software" which they dont OWN.

Sony really needs to just reinvent the wheel with the ps3 with both the hardware and software for security. Once thats in place these guys will...once again try and break in the new ps3s looking for something they will most likely never find.
Its that simple, and while you are at it Sony try and reduce the size of the current O.s to 32mbs? That would really help open the doors for many network related improvements. Thanks.
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SomeOldMan  +   1667d ago
I think the next big story will be about Linux running on your car. Linux powers Mack trucks, extrusion machines, intrusion machines, machinery tools - you name it. If there's a processor in your equipment, Linux runs on it.

We own the world!
macky301  +   1668d ago
Yes now I can run Linux at the speeds of 486 64MB ram machine again!!

Shit was so unoptimized it was laughable,.. Hell they did not even allow access to Gpu ,..hell even the ram portion would be a god send
and we all know how shitty adobe's flash support is on linux ,.. I ended up using PS3 browser more,..

I get it for researchers, that used it for building clusters of machines for supercomputing and shit,..(probably crackers and hackers were the most pissed off for bruteforcing different protections and shit, to be honest) but I don't see many people using that,..
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-_-_-_-_-_-_-  +   1668d ago
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1668d ago

All this fuss over being able to run a crappy version of Linux.
Blitz001  +   1668d ago
Hmmm,okay,what is Linux??? That is probably question a majority asks themselves...70% of console gamers are casual gamers who didn't even knew that there was OtherOS function,+20% that knew but never used it...5% that just tried it...and finally 5% that used it every day...and so much trouble for that 5%??????? Oh you silly billys,you can su*k my tinky winky...
-_-_-_-_-_-_-  +   1668d ago
Majority of people is stupid anyway. That's why we cherish minorities in democracies, as opposed to dictatorships.
yewles1  +   1668d ago
So they get linux back AFTER causing millions of people misery? Sad world...
Silly gameAr  +   1668d ago
Woop-dee-freaking-doo. Now f*** off.
snyder2nyce  +   1668d ago
looks like somebody disagreed on all the comments

how many people really did use otheros on their ps3 it takes 2hours to get it up and running. really y ps3 has a good cell core cpu but only 256mb ram most PCs out there have 2gb or more and its not even ubuntu
yewles1  +   1668d ago
lol, the only usable distro for the PS3 is Lubuntu. XD
KingPin  +   1668d ago
hackers will never be happy. they got the OtherOS back, but now theyl want to cheat in online games. you can give them the most open of platforms and theyl want more. example, Android phones. heres a platform that lets you develop your own tools and share it on the market. are they happy with this? no. they want root access to the phone. they want to develop apps that infringe copyrights <psx4droid comes to mind>. i mean seriously, if they want such an open platform that lets their users to whatever the hell they want to, why dont they create a multi-billion dollar company, create the hardware and the software and give it to everyone for free because they think everyone works for free so stealing games wont hurt anyone.
billabong1985  +   1668d ago
Couldn't have said it better myself!
sorceror171  +   1668d ago | Well said
Because all 'hackers' are exactly alike, and there's no difference between homebrewers and pirates and tinkerers and cheaters and so forth.

Same with 'gamers'. They're all the same. They're not satisfied with FPS, they want platformers and brawlers and RTS and RPG and minigames.

(If at this point you do not suspect sarcasm, please turn in your Internet license and shut down your browser.)
lolwutt1234  +   1666d ago
The thing is, with PSX4droid, considering that it runs PS1 games the makers have long-abandoned the titles, and don't care what you do with them anymore. Also, PSX4droid has nothing to do with rooting, and many people root because of the horrible manufacturer-installed software which nobody likes and you can't remove without hacking the phone. (Motoblur comes to mind, nobody likes it but you can't remove it).
Lirky  +   1668d ago | Well said
In a way hackers bringing otheros back will make them happy as long as they can create homebrew apps ok!

But as long as they dont do any security breaching and illegally getting things from psn store if they do none of this, but.. create their own homebrew apps for fun i honestly think it should be ok as long as they dont breach security stuff or illegally download psn games.
supremacy  +   1668d ago
And can you really trust them with those responsibilities? I highly doubt they will be anymore responsible then the current hackers flapping their gums for fame while denying their involvement or resposibility for issues troubling millions of users right now.

These guys aren't proffessionals in what they do, how they do it or how they even conduct themselves period. These are random people with their own motives and plans.

Take geohotz for example; the guy made videos and leaked codes out in the wild. Putting you, i and the rest of the people who invest theirs in gaming at maximun risk.

Now after that took place one couldn't even get a good game of call of duty black ops in.

How does that benifit true gamers? And if you stand up for this argument pertaining the question i just asked. Then you'll be hit with the old "you're crying because you cant play your little games?" Foul comments found in them hacking sites.

I mean isn't that what the ps3 is for? And isn't that why many bought one for?

I mean it seems like these people hate the fact that Sony is making the rules. And in return they want to be the ones doing so, like now corporation and gamers alike are supposed to fear anonymous based on their threats and history.

These guys are useless to me as i dont see anything benifitial for me as a gamer in any of their little endevours.

Its like even when they dont do something directly, others with worse intentions watch and take in what they need and enter the scene screwing many in the process. Thus making them(the hackers) responsible for it as well. Which just shows how weak and incompetent their actual strengh/stranglehold is in all this.

These guys just need to stop this already, but this wont end anytime soon.
But until then guys like me "supremacy" will disagree with them and their pointless motives.
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SomeOldMan  +   1667d ago
"Putting you, i and the rest of the people who invest theirs in gaming at maximun risk."

No, you put yourself at risk when you used a credit card for online purchases. Me? I shop online. I don't use no steeking credit card, because I KNOW that companies like Sony have crap security.

Go get yourself a DEBIT card. Make arrangements with your bank that they will NEVER honor a transaction that would result in an overdraft. Each week/month decide how much you want to spend on line, and put that much money plus 1 dollar on your DEBIT card. Purchase. Balance of $1 means no one can rip you off for more than $1.

Use your heads, people.
jokia005  +   1668d ago
you did? you are our HERO!!!
so please stop disturbing our gaming life.
TronEOL  +   1668d ago
As long as you stay off the PSN then I'll, along with millions of other gamers, will be happy. Do whatever it is you want, just make sure you block the loopholes that ruin gaming for real gamers.

Please and thank you.
reelife  +   1668d ago
This is just an excuse for them to pirate games. If you wanna get linux, get a PC.
Tired  +   1668d ago
Dear Sony,
Please take an extra week during this downtime to write some code into your new firmware that does one of the following:

1: Totaly bricks any PS3 running CFW.

2: Overclocks and disables cooling systems of breached PS3's in the vague hope they'll melt their machines or set themselves on fire.

3: Continually broadcast the users location so we can send the boys round to 'liberate the hackers skull from the tyranny of his body'

Sod the banhammer....f*ck up their machines!
KongRudi  +   1668d ago
Am at work, couldn't enter website due to virus on the page, might be pop-ups/adverts, since I've never been infected from that website before.

Anyway, as for OtherOS on PS3.
Sony did not remove it for breaching into RSX hypervisor, the people who made the Linux-distro for Sony added support for the memory on RSX.
After that they/hackers claimed they wanted access to 3D hardware accelration of GFX.
This they didn't get, or build. They didn't try much with the SPU's either.

GeoHOT didn't work on Linux, but he did take advantage of OtherOS runtime library, and succesfully removed GameOS access to the security SPU.

That way whoever wanted could install virus, trainers, and similar could be installed directly into our PS3's, aswell as pirated software.

He pretty much assured us that we would never see any big company offer Linux or alternative OS's for consoles again.

I don't even hope they bother making any OS available for nextgen consoles, it's just ruining for us regular customers. :-/
#22 (Edited 1668d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Dekonega  +   1667d ago
GeoHot's hack didn't allow that. What it did allow was unpractical and unreliable way to peek occasionally what PS3's hypervisor might be doing at some limited points.

His goal was to make OtherOS available for PS3 Slim.

I hope that golden days of personal computing come back when all major manufactures make PCs which are easy to use general purpose computer. PS3 was the closest thing to a Amiga I had seen when it came out.
VonBraunschweigg  +   1668d ago
"yes, Linux on the PS3 that you own!"

That says it all. They really don't care about the 99% that bought the console for gaming and who are now without PSN because of their 'efforts', and you can bet your ass it's not being done for the 1% with a healthy taste for programming either, like we saw before with that idiot Hotz...consoles are hacked for piracy, for not paying to play games. I'll bet the next news from them will be regarding the back-up installer. Perheps a NES emulator. Oh my, and they're even proud of themselves.
REDHULKSMASH  +   1668d ago
rlm41  +   1668d ago | Well said
Clearly all you haters, don't have the brains or have never bothered to hack/install custom firmware on a device. It opens it up to a world of "homebrew" where anyone can make their own software and share it. No limits.
AllyOmega  +   1668d ago | Interesting
As much as I am against pirating and hacking the PS3, I'm interested in this. Before, OtherOS wouldn't allow you to access alot of the resources that the PS3 had. With this, it seems that you can now access them. It would be interesting to see what people can get running on the PS3 without the limitations of the original OtherOS. Maybe some older PC games. Maybe Minecraft!!!
blackburn5  +   1667d ago
F you all. It was because of people like you that caused this whole hacking crisis from the the start. Just stop talking. Shut up Anon, shut up Geohot, shut up hackers. No one asked you to do anything or fight anyone. I don't care what reason you have or if anyone agrees with me. Stop approving this $hit. No one really cared and no one still cares. Go away!!!!!! Now bring on the disagrees!!!!!
wtfbbqsrsly   1667d ago | Personal attack | show
Tech_folk_at_large   1667d ago | Personal attack | show
Flaw   1667d ago | Personal attack | show
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