What’s your flavor – Dungeon Siege 3 or Diablo 3? says: Todays battle is between two great dungeon scouring RPG titles and at first glance you would probably find the decision easy, but can you last the long wait for Diablo 3 without being tempted to play Dungeon Siege 3?

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thrasherv32780d ago

I'll go with option C. Torchlight 2 :D

Perjoss2779d ago

I'm also going with option C, but only until option A arrives. Option B is a bargain bin situation for me.

joydestroy2779d ago

i'll be checking out all 3. i mean, why choose? lol

shadowknight2032779d ago

Yeah I totally agree. Not everyday dungeon crawls come out, so why not just get both. If they became so frequent as say FPS's then I say there would be just cause to question which game to it stands, I'm buying both hoping for two uniquely different styles of presentation and story; alongside a general feel for the gameplay that mirrors one another.

MehmetAlperTR2780d ago

Diablo is nice.. Never played before Dungeon Siege..

fluffydelusions2779d ago

Lulz what. Diablo 3 no question

voodoopickle2779d ago

hell, gettin them both. no question

TheColbertinator2779d ago

Diablo 3.

As for Dungeon Siege 3,it needs more ideas to get my attention.

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The story is too old to be commented.