Mega Man Legends 3 Is More Important Than You Think

Andreas Asimakis writes, "When Mega Man Legends 3 was announced on September 29th 2010, it was tantamount to a dream come true. While the memory of the series continued to live on through character appearances in various Capcom games such as its Vs. franchise, it had been well over a decade since gamers had an opportunity to take Mega Man Volnutt on another adventure. From the get-go, the Mega Man Legends 3 Project struck me as a game of grave importance, the word 'Project' signifying more than many gamers would immediately assume. And as my musings on Legends 3 continued to linger in my head, the more likely it seemed that the plucky little sequel-that-could may very well influence the future of game development as we know it."

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jc485732778d ago

i like mega man, but with light rpg elements like this one.

ComboBreaker2778d ago

The Mega Men Legends series was legendary.

Scissorman822778d ago

Some of my best Mega Man memories are tied to the original Legends. =)

Scissorman822778d ago

But it might not happen! It needs our support!

SpoonyRedMage2778d ago

Inb4 People whining about it being a 3DS game.

Also I look forward to playing the prototype at the end of the month!

Venox20082778d ago

Will try prototype and if the game will be good I'll buy it :)