Brink Classes Guide | MMGN.COM writes: Brink has the goods when it comes to frantic, team-based gameplay. While you are running around and vaulting your way across the environment, you’ll be facing off against four different classes. So why not get in early and decide which class you are going to play as?

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xVeZx2784d ago

the more i see of this game the more i say "i dont think ill like this game"

dommafia2784d ago

then you really hate games that require braincells to play.

Perjoss2783d ago

if you were talking about a Total War game or maybe Civilization or at least Portal 1/2, but Brink? as much as I love the idea of playing Brink (and i really do) it does not strike me as a thinking mans game.

Oschino19072783d ago

@Perjoss, so Civ which is turn based and gives you unlimitited time to do what you want is a thinking mans game, my sister in law plays it and shes into Rachet & Clank, i guess another Brainbuster in your book also. And really lol lol lol Portal 1/2, whats so hard about solving a puzzle once and never having to think about solving it again cause you now know how to from first play through?

What makes Brink so appealing and as a "thinkin mans" game is the teamwork, classes, body types and overall gun/ability customizations make it possible to play a variety of rolls and in a different manner to win a level multiple ways. Now yes they makes this fairly easy to pick up and understand what your doing and where you should be but how is it horrible to have EVERYONE start at a base level of understanding to help involve everyone as a team in accomplishing a goal. Noobs will still be noobs and vets will own like usual but atleast it makes the playing field more level which is inviting to many and will help ease people into the game.

Regardless Brink in the comming weeks and months will require great thinking and team play to stay on top, you wont be COD lone wolfing or BFBC2 sniper camping and be leveling up or winning anything, this game will REQUIRE you to think, communicate and adapt to each mission and objective in each level and the fact that players wont have to verbally communicate to get the basic info out and focus more on important things like details and whats actually going on around them. How can you claim this game doesnt require Braincells when thats all you have over the other player since everyone starts on fairly even ground with one another.

antz11042783d ago

@ Oschino I totally agree.

Between the needed co-op on teams and the class system I'm really excited.

Having been a huge TF2 fan also helps, lol. Even in that game there were classes that people were more likely to use, but even using classes you weren't overtly fond of was still fun (here's looking at you medic).I think Brink is going to be coming out of the same vein, and I can't wait to use the operative.

6 DAYS!!!!

Perjoss2783d ago

nice points Oschino, but you cant compare the sheer amount of choices laid before you in a strategy game to the choices needed in a shooter, sure it might not always be real time, but its far deeper thinking and requires more intelligence than pretty much any FPS.

I'm not saying people that play FPS' are dumb, but anyone can play a game like TF2 or Brink, on the other hand many people would get confused and give up trying to learn the intricacies of a deep strategy game like TW or Civ5, there's just so much more to learn in the form of tech trees and unit counters.

As for the Civ5 / Ratchet thing, i too play deep games but also enjoy mindless fun, that means nothing.

antz11042783d ago

@ Perjoss

Try mastering using the Spy in Team Fortress 2 and then talk about anyone can play and deep intricities, lol. I don't doubt everyone could play it, but I do doubt everyone could get good at it.

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hellerphant2784d ago

You're entitled to your opinion, but I must ask why you don't think you'll like this game?

Tripl3seis2784d ago

And the more I see about this game the more I want it can't wait just a few days left!!!!

hellerphant2784d ago

I know, how exciting is it! It reminds me a lot of Team Fortress 2 with attitude, and without the stupid hats and items!

Tripl3seis2784d ago

Yea even tho I never got the chance to play team fortress 2 I'm liking the game a lot because it forces u to play as a team and I like team based type games very much.

joab7772784d ago

It reminds me of killzone also. I like though that the entire focus is on multiplayer. It could b really special. It will suffer from the curse of strategic play which keeps so many ppl away. I hope it gets fair shake. It lloks great

hellerphant2783d ago

Totally agree with you on that statement. I hope it gets a fair go yet also hope it isn't filled with ignorant games looking for the next Call of Duty: Generic Ops

Oschino19072783d ago

From a Ps3 point of view i look at it as KZ 2 and BFBC2 hooked up and then their offspring interbred with KZ3 but only kept the good genes.

I just know when i first saw this game indepth it was when the KZ3 beta was out and i just looked at it as what i wish KZ3 was or had done with the whole class/ability system. I dont see how anyone with decent knowledge of this game can poo poo all over it when it does RIGHT what so many other games have done WRONG. I still like KZ2 and BFBC2 was my second gaming love on this gen after COD4 (passed on kz3 cause of beta and seeing this) but Brink seems to adress or totally revmove the things that pissed me off or bothered me most while playing either of those games.