The Witcher 2: Edited for Australian gamers

Fantasy/RPG fans will be happy to learn that CD Projekt RED‘s newest game – The Witcher 2 – has gone gold, all set to arrive on shelves on May 17th. If you are an Australian gamer, you should be extra-happy, as Namco Bandai Partners jumped through a whole bunch of hoops to make sure the game could appear on your shores.

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fluffydelusions2758d ago

What's up over there in Aussie land?

Laxman2162758d ago

Geez, I hate our Classification System. Refused Classification because 'Sex as reward' was an option in a single quest?
What kind of bullocks is that!?
Im thankful Namco Brandai edited that out of there, but im pretty sure there is nothing wrong with Sex (an act clinically linked to good health) as a reward for doing a good deed.
Im an adult, let me decide whats appropriate for my precious senses and give us the damn 18+ rating already.
If I am allowed to decide I want sex as a reward in real life, cant I have that choice in a video game too?

Si-Fly2757d ago

I think most blokes at some point agree to do the dishes or hoovering with the thought that they might be rewarded with sex, don't see anything wrong with that in a game lol.

earbus2757d ago

They should just wait till june when the law passes prob re- release all adult games.

H8GRIP2757d ago

They definitly deserve a R18+ classification in aus, in this day and age its just ridiculous

Pwngamercom2757d ago

The game rating system here in Australia is a complete mess and the majority of us know it -- the only ones that are still clueless is the government. When finally the government listened, they still managed to misunderstand. They wanted to implement an R rating, but remove the M15+ rating completely, the same games that weren't allowed in before still wouldn't be allowed which means they basically just relabeling M15+ to R. In the process keeping the Christian Party happy and tricking us into thinking we have an R classification for video games.

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