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An email is currently being sent out to EA Sports subscriber asking their fans to vote for who they would like to see in the new SSX video game.

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OmegaSlayer2785d ago

This Facebook things are annoying.
They can have an enema.
I would gladly pay it.

zeal0us2785d ago

at least 3-5+ characters from ssx tricky and I will be satisfied, and all 5 can't be racer/longboarders. I prefer freestylers majority of the time..

Gen0ne2785d ago

Maybe I'm trippin... but there seems to be a random disagreer about. Doesn't post anything, just disagrees and leaves. Like their job here is finished. I've been noticing this for about a week now. See how everyone with a post conveniently has a disagree with no opposing argument...

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