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SleeplessColin of GxC: "Portal 2 could very well be the virtually perfect Game Of The Year that more than a few gamers just won’t dig. It just plain won’t be for everybody because everything that makes it so distinctively brilliant just might put some people right off it."

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CaulkSlap2755d ago

Portal 2 was awesome but it's really just not enough of a complete package to deserve GoTY. Took 10 hours for me to beat the single and coop.... so now what? Also kinda got the feeling it was dumbed down a bit for consoles. Every level is totally linear with little replay value.

If there was a level creator with LBP style community distribution it would be hands down GoTY. Just imagine the impossibly complex stuff people would create. Could play that forever.

Cerberus292754d ago

I thought Portal 2 was great... But perfect? No. It had fantastic writing, but gameplay wise it felt a little on the easy side. Besides, there ate still way too many great games coming out this year to be claiming it's the "virtually perfect GOTY"

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