Homefront Multiplayer Demo Coming Soon

THQ has confirmed a Multiplayer demo for Homefront is in the works.

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Organization XII2755d ago

I do care, I wanted to try the multiplayer before making my mind on purchasing the game, so spew us your BS and go play Dance Central or something.

xPhearR3dx2755d ago

You would be surprised how many people care. I was a very active user on the Homefront forums (Still am to) and everyone was asking for a demo, and some people still do. Despite the unfavorable reviews, Homefront sparked interest in many gamers but they were afraid to drop $60 on it when it received the reviews it did. Thanks to this demo coming soon, they can now decide for themselves if the game is great, or a heaping pile of poo.

archemides5182755d ago

100% totally forgot about this game

bobrea2755d ago

I care. I wanted to try this game out without spending any money, and no one I know owns it.

DEagle-izer2755d ago

I gave you a trolling bubble!

fluffydelusions2755d ago

Wasn't trying. I just remember everyone here hating on this game so figured no one really cared

bumnut2755d ago

This is great news for those who don't own it.

Unfortunatley I was suckered by the hype and bought it, terrible game. If this was released before the games release I think most people would not have bought it.

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Joni-Ice2755d ago

This is great news. I wanted to try Homefront. Anybody play it? How is it?

xPhearR3dx2755d ago

Personally I love it, but I know tons of people that will disagree with me. It's really down to personal preference and it's one of those "Hate it or love it" type of games. Thankfully for this demo, gamers can decide for themselves.

joeyisback2755d ago

its a good game tbe single player could be longer but its a good game and to plbeanger who cares? u must care since u comment u dingleberry u

TheColbertinator2755d ago

Should have released earlier but I'm glad its coming out.Developers who release demos should be praised and their product judged fairly.

BeckyLikesChocolate2755d ago

good, i can see for myself if id like it. by it having all the bad reviews people were turned away from it and that worried me because i dont wanna buy it and then the community disappears

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The story is too old to be commented.