What Should Sony Really Give Their Customers Over 80710A06? "It's hard to cope when an electronic of any sort breaks, be it your computer or your microwave, but when it functions only part of the way it was meant to, people tend to get genuinely frustrated. Couple that with security leaks, and potential identity theft on a mass scale and it's understandable why so many people have been up in arms over Sony's security fiasco. Fanboys from both sides have been slinging mud at one another while Sony has valiantly attempted to settle some of the dust revolving around their unfortunate security leaks. As things start to clear a bit - or at least become less dramatic than they initially began, Sony has taken the time to respectfully apologize in a variety of ways. Free Playstation Plus for a month, bonus time to existing premium subscribers, and press conferences featuring lots of Japanese businessmen bowing has all been on the menu, but it makes one wonder if it's all really enough. Or better yet, does Sony even owe us anything at all?"

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tweex2783d ago

I really am on the fence here. I mean, it's a free service they're providing. If it wasn't, yes, reimbursement of some kind would be fair.

But for this, I just don't know.

SasanovaS19872783d ago

fact isnt their fault. anyone can be hacked, it just happens that its sony. if ur bank got hacked, u wouldnt be bitchin would you? well, you would, but u wouldnt expect anything from them cus u wouldnt get it. if i was Sony, i wouldnt give anything to us gamers, cus then it actually makes them look like its their fault, when it isnt.

Halochampian2782d ago


So you dont think the bank would be getting sued if your personal info got leaked?

If Govt. sites got hacked and everything about you including SSN got leaked... it wouldnt be their fault?

It may sound harsh but it is their fault. They are held responsible and they know it.

Dsnyder2783d ago

Nothing. The service is free for most people so why do they owe you anything. I just wasnt PSN back and nothing more...except for that hacker to be jailed of course.

Hardedge2783d ago

It's tough, the service going down isn't what needs compensating. It's that a massive amount of customer information was compromised.

Honestly, I just want PSN back up and a more secure network...I'm sticking with PSN cards, as I always have.

flankhim2783d ago Show
fozzness2783d ago

I really am on the side of : Having PSN back would be more than enough to ease my nerves.

I mean, Playstation has given a lot to me.. I've been a dedicated customer of the brand since the beginning and I won't end just because some frauds might happen.. really... frauds happen all the time regardless if you use PSN or not.. I'm not too bothered

Hagaf222783d ago

Yeah, all I want is service back. As soon as I can get online again this will all be a distant memory. Granted they won't be getting any of my information, they will get my gaming.

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blackburn52783d ago

@ fozzness. I agree. Sony is not the only one who had this happen to them. Sony brand have always been good for me and I am sticking with the. Beside everyone seems to think that this event will be the end for Sony have forgetten it is not their other divisions that this happened too. Sony makes other electronics too you know. Even if the PS3 falls (unlikely) from this there will always be another console. The PS4 will just have to be stronger.

joeyisback2783d ago

is their a way u can change ur security question once u change ur password they can just answer ur security question then steal ur account

Hagaf222783d ago

I would imagine after you change your password on initial log in you'll have full access to your account. Which mean Sony will see alot of credit card information deleted.

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