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MMGN writes: The second piece of DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops, titled “Escalation Pack”, is now available as a timed-exclusive on Xbox Live. This new piece of downloadable content, which adds four great maps – Hotel, Convoy, Zoo, Stockpile – as well as a new take on an old favourite with “Call of the Dead”, is arguably the best piece of downloadable content for a Call of Duty game yet.

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princejb1342754d ago

got disapointed with the last dlc so im skipping this, on to the next cod

aPerson2754d ago

Seriously? You want ANOTHER CoD game already?

Why not play the other 6 CoD games instead???

princejb1342753d ago

yep another cod game i want new guns and new maps by infinity ward
the other 6 are you serious, the only actual good ones people have really enjoyed is mw, and mw2
we need infinity ward back

Killzone3___2753d ago

agree , i want a new Mw game , it's a good game and people can't denie it , the thing is we get bored of the same gameplay but what the hell you want them to change ?. if they changed the gameplay the game will not be called call of duty because the gameplay is different , either they make a new game or make another call of duty and we all know it's call of duty ..

i don't mind buying it because my brothers play it and i have fun playing it so i don't care what people say but i agree with them about the same gameplay with only different maps and weapons...

CaulkSlap2754d ago

This was more like an ad than a review. People need to stop buying this DLC garbage and maybe they'll lower the damned price. Cost of 4 map packs = 1 entire game. You think they put even 1/10th the effort into making 16 maps as what went into the base game? STOP FUELING THEIR GREED!