PSN Outage Outrage- Could Be Xbox Live’s saving grace


"First off, we appreciate games as a whole whether it’s the Uncharted or Killzone series or the monstrous powerhouse that is PC gaming.

"But one has to wonder if the current PSN outage could not have come at a better time for avid Xbox gamers.

"Personal information being compromised, credit card information having been potentially obtained, no official word from SONY until a week after the PSN had been down, no sure confirmed ETA (as of writing) on when it will even be back up and the mere fact that apart from the great single player exclusive PS3 games I own (and I’ve already played) I simply cannot use the thing for what I wanted- multiplayer with my PS3 mates.

"Which has brought me back to my 360."

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Proeliator2779d ago

I finally decided to [attempt to] finish my Uncharted 2 Hard run, and got to the end. It's just a tad ridiculous.

When my rage subsided, I thought, "Hey! It's been a while... multiplayer, here I come!"

... and then I realized that PSN is down.

I also can't play the inFamous 2 UGC beta. Which started the day PSN went down. T_T

Joni-Ice2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Well the cool thing is Sucker Punch said they will extend the inFAMOUS 2 beta.

NukaCola2779d ago


Two tips for beating the boss in UC3.

1: If you stay right in front of him but near a blue exploding tree bunch and run around him shooting him he will easily be defeated and won't shoot you or grenade you. he just may punch you and push you down. You almost can't die.

2. If you played it on easy. You can set the One Shot Kills and any other Cheats to on. Save the game, change the difficulty settings from the main menu, and then press continue. You will have all those settings on(they will be locked out because you can't access it until you beat it on that setting) but they will still be on and you can just take pop shots from cover. I did this on my second Crushed Mode playthrough and it was a lot easier. I wish I new this trick a while ago because Crushed was insanity.

Well good luck!

Pixelated_Army2779d ago

yeah, I won't go through this again def getting an xbox but won't get rid of my PS3. this is bullshit! it's the 3rd already and still no fucking word from Sony, bunch of assholes!!!

flankhim2779d ago

I kind of liked the outage. I finished some games that wouldnt of.

But its time to come back.

BadCircuit2779d ago

Yeah if you only care about single player then it isn't bad at all :)

Infernostew2779d ago

Can't wait to hear your reaction when playing Uncharted 2 on crushing. I didn't think hard on UC2 was too bad considering UC1 on crushing was a lot harder. I did rage a few times when playing crushing on uncharted 2 but i couldn't stay mad at such a gem.

Echo3072779d ago

The saving grace of Xbox Live?

This guy knows that there are almost 25 million people paying for Xbox Live Gold, right?

Aarix2778d ago

thats over 4 million dollars a day profit. Constantly

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XboxOZ3602779d ago

Microsoft's not user-friendl;y for some gamers, especially for those who just want the Silver Service, and not wanting Multiplayer services etc.

As now, many developers are making it mandatory that in order to play games, or have your save recorded online, you NEED a Gold Membership, otherwise, most of your singleplayer leaderboard scores go un-noticed.

Like the recent Operation Flashpoint: Red River. Unless you're connected to Gold Live, your scores are not recorded globally, and some segments of the game are not saved for such things.

Same is true of Medal Of Honour's Tier One, which, while Single Player orientated, required a Gold Live membership, not just a Silver Live membership.

Each has its faults, but it is costing Sony heavily with this outage, and now that the US and Australian Governments are looking into Sony's handling of the matter, it does seem to be getting seriously - serious. (Check GameIndustry News for such details)

gaminoz2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I agree...being forced onto Gold is not great at all. Which is why I still have silver. But sometimes I'd like to do the occasional multi. I don't have time to do it all the time and make it worth it.

Sony really stuffed up with this one. Not so much the time lost on multi but the security issue.

Mustang300C20122779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

That is your problem. People continue to THINK you are FORCED to use Gold. It is your choice to pay for a service that has been offered now for 10 years. It is no different than any other service that "gulp" requires money for the service.

Troll_Police2778d ago

Get off of your MS defense tip. If you want to play games online you ARE FORCED TO PAY FOR XBL.

BadCircuit2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

"Those with a X360 may well be smirking at the moment, but no network is immune, none."

I agree security has been made a big issue now so it should be safer. But then hackers always get better too..

Aarix2778d ago

so is the security and with 10 years under the belt its less likely on xbl but yes, very possible.

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